Getting Personal With Bestselling Author E. Alan Fleischauer

Getting Personal With Bestselling Author E. Alan Fleischauer

E. Alan Fleischauer’s bestselling book ‘Just Die’ has been on reader’s radar and then some since it was released. This breakout book takes readers on a phenomenal adventure, and is jam packed with riveting characters that keep you engaged the entire ride, so it’s no surprise it hit the bestseller list.

What makes this book so special? It hits all the sweet spots and more. Jake Silver, a successful young financial advisor, is the protagonist of this story. He sells his business, he suffers a mild stroke and ends up in the hospital. Thanks to some clot-busting drugs, he recovers rapidly, only to find he’s not the man he used to be. When he discovers that he can point his finger at anything — red squirrels, marauding coyotes, drug lords, dictators — and make it die on the spot, Jake has to decide whether to use his powers for the good of the country. What does he decide to do? You will have to pick up a copy of this fascinating read to find out.

While ‘Just Die’ has gained a tremendous amount of traction with readers it is not Fleischauer’s first book, before ‘Just Die’ was released he was known for his epic award winning westerns.

Recently Fleischauer found some time for a chat about his work, his life and what’s next from this talented author.

Your book “Just Die” was recently a bestseller, what was that like for you as an author?

Just Die was indeed a bestseller. In answer to your question, I felt pleased as well as gratified. It was a deviation from my normal genre, which until that date had been Westerns. The paranormal thriller was a joy to write, and it got terrific reviews once it was released, which was also rewarding.

‘Just Die’ is a unique book, which captured the imaginations of readers and reviewers. What was your inspiration for this rather epic work?

Just Die is a story about a financial advisor who has a mild stroke. Upon waking up in the hospital, Jake Silver, my protagonist, discovers that he can point at animals and people and utter the words “Just die,” and they will do so immediately. My inspiration was the fact that I had a mild stroke many years ago. Fortunately, I was not given this life-altering power.

You have written an award winning western series, as well as ‘Just Die’. I know this is probably a hard question to answer but I have to ask – of all the books you have written which one is your favorite and why? Do you prefer writing westerns or thrillers?

That is a good question. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Westerns. The JT Thomas series is now a completed set of five. It is available on Amazon or at my website, I have completed another historical Western that will be part of a two- or three-book series, How the West Was Won-Lost. The first book is done and at my proofreader as I type this. I have also written a series of short stories. The collection is entitled Just Another Morning. The title piece is about 9/11 and the attack on the twin towers. The collection also includes eleven other stories, some of which won awards. But Just Die is my favorite and a best seller.

Is there anything you have that you’re working on that you can tell your readers about?

I’m in the middle of my non-fiction book, Reconfigurement™. It is about reconfiguring one’s life after the age of fifty, planning ahead, and having fun before you retire. The release is scheduled for mid-September of 2022.

What’s your favorite drink that you like to toast with after finishing up a new book?

My favorite drink is a pinot noir in the winter and a gin and tonic in the summer.

To get more information about E. Alan Fleischauer and his work head on over to his website.