How Cooking at Home Is Slowly Changing the Future of Food

How Cooking at Home Is Slowly Changing the Future of Food

Schedules are getting busier, and the line between work and home is steadily becoming more blurred.

The ever-increasing pace of life is drastically altering consumer needs in the kitchen. This change has had a rippling effect on kitchen trends.

And the appreciation for home cooking is flourishing. What was once thought of as a daunting chore now is seen with fondness.

This affection for cooking at home, coupled with having less time to cook, is paving the way for major cookware innovation.

Consumers are seeking out high-performance, versatile products that can do more than just store, cook, or meal prep food – products that can efficiently multitask as well as consumers themselves.

Cookware that’s eco-friendly and made from environmentally sustainable materials is also growing in popularity. Consumers are making conscious decisions to choose products that are better for the environment, conserve natural resources, and protect global ecosystems.

Now more than ever, kitchens are expected to be highly functional. Everything is carefully picked out, from the kitchen layout and design to every gadget and appliance. It all serves a specific purpose to increase kitchen functionality.

Time-saving, convenience, and ease are attractive qualities that set innovative cookware apart from competitors.

At the intersection of innovative, high-performing, versatile, and eco-friendly lies a woman-owned Silicon Valley Startup called Chef Avenue. This bright-eyed company has a mission that many can resonate with: to produce innovative pieces of cookware with social and environmental responsibility. They understand how important diversity, equality, and inclusion are and have actively infused this into their business model. As an example, their website is ADA compliant.

Chef Avenue made quite the entrance into the cookware industry when they premiered their first product on Kickstarter earlier this year – the Omnipan. Made with food-grade, high-performance, and FDA-approved silicone, the Omnipan is an excellent example of what it means to multitask, allowing consumers to prep, cook, bake, steam, and store with ease. This modular and compact cookware caught people’s attention in 68 countries worldwide, and the Omnipan is still making headway on Indiegogo InDemand.

Chef Avenue’s Omnipan
Chef Avenue’s Omnipan

To complement this innovative and eco-friendly cookware, Chef Avenue mindfully designed the Cooking with Omnipan cookbook. Each recipe was specifically created to use with the Omnipan. There are 6 recipe sections, an herb and spice flavor profile section, and full-page pictures to accompany every recipe in the cookbook.

Chef Avenue’s Omnipan and cookbook are the perfect pair to usher in the innovation of modern cookware design: aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and made with environmentally sustainable materials.

With the company’s first product launch, Chef Avenue is pulling ahead of their competitors. The market has reciprocated with overwhelming excitement and eagerly awaits what they plan to do next and in the future.

The future of food and cookware design is at a pivotal change. Now, consumers expect their cookware to be high-performing, versatile, environmentally friendly, and can keep up with their highly functional kitchens.

Chef Avenue will be a key player in this shift, leading the way to beautiful cookware that meets every consumer’s demand.

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