Singapore Based Paper Plane Ink Studio is disrupting the Tattoo industry

Singapore Based Paper Plane Ink Studio is disrupting the Tattoo industry

Tattoos are more than just art. They can embody deep emotions, memories, beliefs, love, and passion. The misconceptions and prejudices were deeply rooted in the society of many countries and are just slowly changing. While some people still define tattooed individuals as criminals or addicts, the art of tattooing is well known and accepted in certain cultures for centuries. In countries where the tradition of tattooing is still young, the new generations have to deal with the thoughts, opinions, and worries of their parents and grandparents. Now they are showing them the legitimacy and acceptance of tattoos. Young people get inspired and motivated in many ways to get a tattoo, sometimes spontaneously while traveling or well prepared in a nearby recommended tattoo studio. Getting inked becomes more normal every day and new generations are growing up with parents who have tattoos. That takes down mental barriers where people hesitate with getting a tattoo because of social stereotypes.

Enter KJ, founder of Paper Plane Ink studio. Based in Singapore, KJ specialized in American traditional and Neo-traditional tattoos. For people who are visiting Singapore, Paper Plane Ink is one of the best places to get a special tattoo. KJ and his team frequently update inspirational design & clients’ inkwork on Instagram to show their variety. 

Being a tattoo artist is one of the best decisions I ever made. My clients make me part of their story and I feel blessed to be able to bring their vision to reality. – KJ

Singapore Based Paper Plane Ink Studio is disrupting the Tattoo industry

Experiencing something special, significant, beautiful, or painful; people want to make it an everlasting memory on their skin. It can be a success story, loss of an important person, travel memories, or showcasing a tradition. Often individuals look at their body as an open book and get tattoos to process, write, and present their stories. For safe, colorful, American & Neo-traditional art on a body, Paper Plane Ink is the best studio to go to.

If this is your first time getting a tattoo, I strongly advise you to work with professionals. The first tattoo can be overwhelming and frightening at the same time. Professionals can guide you to manage your fear and provide comfort toward reaching the final artwork.- KJ

The biggest mental challenge is the first tattoo. Getting inked for the first time is a new experience. People will still hesitate if they should get a tattoo or if it is the perfect symbol. They are worried if the outcome will fulfill their expectations or if regrets will play games with their mind.

Getting the second, third, or 10th tattoo, the hesitation does not exist anymore. People get more confident each time they get ink under their skin. 

Guiding their new tattooed customers with professional aftercare the Ink Artists of Paper Plane Ink Studio make sure that the picture, symbol, or sign keeps its beauty forever. As the skin is injured and irritated because of the tattooing process, it needs proper care for healing, using appropriate products for a good recovery. 

Having professionals who can support their clients with their expertise, their style of tattooing, and aftercare tips is essential. The Artists of Paper Plane Ink Studio have incredible ideas, great designs, and wisdom for every client. Their variety of styles and work is amazingly huge, and every individual will surely get what they expected. Paper Plane Ink Studio knows the history of where tattoos came from, their cultural importance, and what the do’s and don’ts are. Furthermore, they made a tattoo styles guide for a better understanding of interested people.

Focusing on the American traditional style, Paper Plane Ink Studio withstands the everchanging elegance of tattoos and attracts new clients all the time.

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