Justas Venckus - creating a future for web2 and web3 luxury shopping

Justas Venckus - creating a future for web2 and web3 luxury shopping

The Futugo app is a luxury fashion network that has it all: an e-commerce platform (web2), a digital marketplace in the metaverse (web3), and a social network designed exclusively for luxury lovers. It is a modern marketplace for luxury physical goods, NFT’s and digital designer wear for the metaverse, built by using blockchain solutions for product authentication, traceability, and sustainable shopping. A platform where users can not only shop but also learn, connect, discuss, and interact with others.

Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field?

I started my working career as a lawyer, after a few years I decided to use my international business law skills in real estate. In the early 2000s, I developed real estate businesses that range from the Baltic countries to the Black Sea region. Since 2001 I have also been doing business in the field of international trading. Fluent knowledge of English and Russian has helped me to develop trading bridges between Europe, South America, and the post-Soviet Union countries. Negotiation skills, a solid business strategy, being multilingual and understanding the mentality of the elder generation has helped me establish a company with 100% growth y/y. That company became one of the biggest importers of meats to PRC from Eastern Europe, reaching a 100 million USD turnover between two countries only. This happened during the second year of me starting to work in the field.

During the last decade, I have been focused on the Chinese market. l noticed that China has a big demand not only for commodities but for luxury fashion as well. Even though it was as far as it could be from the business I was doing at the time, I started to dig deeper. I realized that although China is becoming a world leader regarding the consumption of luxury goods and will overcome the US and European market by size in the coming year, the supply of luxury goods is exceeded by the demand. I did more research on the luxury fashion market and realized that there are some problems in the e-commerce of this sector: the technology in online luxury shopping is outdated, simple photography is still the main tool to represent products online. There is no personal touch in online luxury shopping, moreover, there is no social network or marketplace devoted to luxury in the metaverse and no global freelancing platform for NFT digital art creators, as well as stylists, personal shoppers, and art dealers, who definitely play a big part in adding value to the shopping experience of clients. Therefore, I established a company named Madista Mundus and came up with an idea to create the Futugo App – the world’s first multifunctional fashion platform.

What is your business all about?

Our company is focused on creating e-commerce solutions for fashion, art, beauty segments and designing a luxury metaverse for digital clothes and NFT art. Now we are creating the world’s first multifunctional fashion platform that will connect the lovers of luxury fashion, art, beauty, NFT’s and digital designer wear for the metaverse. It will include boutiques, art galleries, high fashion brands, as well as developers, designers, personal shoppers, personal stylists, personal art agents and NFT creators from all over the world.

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

The Futugo App will not be just another e-commerce shop for luxury fashion, art, beauty, or NFTs. We want to gather the biggest community of luxury lovers so we can create the world’s first social network dedicated to luxury fashion only, where users can contact, share, discuss and explore all that luxury fashion and art can offer. The main thing, which I believe will make us stand out from the rest, will be the technology that we are implementing in this project. We are using blockchain solutions for product authentication, and we will provide NFT certificates for every luxury item to improve its traceability, thus making luxury shopping more sustainable. To make our user shopping experience more personal, we will integrate virtual fitting rooms, 3D product view, livestream shopping events, and live broadcasts from designer fashion shows. We will also create a freelancing platform for personal stylists, shoppers, and art agents, where they will be able to find clients from all over the world. In addition, we are making a Futugo social token reward system, which will add a compelling reason for users to remain active on our social network.

Do you have any available opportunities for investors and partners on the Futugo project?

We have huge possibilities for investors. In the coming months, we will announce dates for private and seed sales, as well as for public sales through the IDO of Futugo tokens. We are always very open and kindly welcome any potential partners or investors for cooperation. Just drop us a message and we can chat about your interest. We welcome all initiatives, not only regarding becoming an investor. We appreciate it if you can bring any kind of value to the project. It is also worth mentioning that not just users and investors will benefit from the project. We will provide significant advantages to all our partners through tokenization. We are excited about the fact that all users of the platform will be incentivized to provide nothing but the best of services, thereby benefiting themselves, as well as adding to the quality of the shared experience.

You can learn more about Futugo App here: www.futugoapp.com
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