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Our life is filled with inventions! Every day, we use various items without thinking of their importance and existence. We wake up, turn off the alarm, turn on the lights, go to the bathroom to wash our face with fresh water out of the tap. And this is just the beginning! We don’t even realize what inventions we use every day. 

If you look at parts of the world which are very poor you can see what impact the inventions have. 

In western countries, it is common to have running drinking water 24h coming cold and hot out of the tap. In some African and Asian countries, people have to walk hours and hours every day to get a jar of water. Some don’t have access to clean water at all. The invention of the pipe, pump, cleaning of water is a system which offers people to have clean water all the time without depending on the next rainy season where the water-level will rise. The system and infrastructure a country creates are improving the lives of people fundamentally. Health issues can be prevented and hygiene can be increased with the help of a water pump. 

Another invention that is drastically impacting our society is electricity and all the innovations about digitalization. It all started with the lightbulb. The night became day. People were not depending on the day anymore. Work could be done at the night. The economy boomed and innovations and new inventions based on the previous one began. Comparing a rich and poor country again, you can see how much it impacts the world. In most western countries, you have electricity all the time. In lower developed countries, there are countless power-cuts, people use Batteries and some don´t even have any electricity in their houses. 

The world is going crazy about digital development. People wait for the new iPhone to be sold, checking out virtual reality and observing the progress of artificial intelligence. The digital world has a huge impact on the economy’s growth. Society is using devices to make their life easier. Things can be ordered online easily, computers calculate complicated mathematical problems, we can manage everything on our phone and contact people easily on social media or messages. 

Another sector which is very important for our society is medicine. The invention of countless medications and therapies saved millions of lives. Various sicknesses and diseases can be treated because researchers spent an immense amount of time and energy to develop a cure for them. The progress which was made in medical history has a huge impact on our world.

Politics and economy are supporting the branch of invention and innovation a lot because they know its importance. There are various companies and organizations which focus on the development of new inventions. Check our Davison invention for that: 

An invention is a problem solver for all the challenges which are ahead of us. With some inventions, we unknowingly create new problems for which we have to find a solution again. Inventions are important for the development and progress of society and the world. The future success depends on invention all over the globe.

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