When we look at the entrepreneurial landscape now, few individuals have had the same kind of influence as Bawar Ahmad. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Econometrics from Erasmus University, Ahmad’s journey in the world of business began with the founding of Young Metrics, an ecommerce marketing agency specializing in paid ads. With a keen eye for opportunity and a passion for innovation, Ahmad’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable.

A Visionary Entrepreneur

Bawar Ahmad’s entrepreneurial spirit is palpable in every facet of his ventures. His vision extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of business, encapsulating a holistic approach to investment and growth. 

Together with Wieger Sietsma, a former professional football player turned seasoned ecommerce business owner and investor, Ahmad co-founded Ecomma, a Dubai-based private equity firm specializing in ecommerce acquisitions.

The Genesis of Baw Capital

Under the umbrella of Baw Capital, Ahmad is rewriting the rules of private equity investment. Baw Capital serves as a holding firm, deploying capital and resources into promising businesses, primarily within the ecommerce sphere. With a focus on acquiring stakes ranging from 20% to 60%, Baw Capital catalyzes growth for businesses boasting an EBITDA of over 1 million Euros. However, Ahmad’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship extends beyond the confines of high-revenue enterprises.

Empowering Small Businesses Through Baw Mentor

Recognizing the potential of budding entrepreneurs and smaller-scale ventures, Ahmad established Baw Mentor. This subsidiary entity specializes in supporting businesses with EBITDA below 100k, offering mentorship and guidance in exchange for a percentage of revenue. Through Baw Mentor, Ahmad democratizes access to strategic expertise, ensuring that aspiring entrepreneurs receive the support they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive market landscape.

Real Stories, Genuine Impact

Contrary to the ostentatious narratives often associated with entrepreneurship, Ahmad’s story is one rooted in authenticity and genuine passion. Beyond the facade of luxury cars and extravagant displays of wealth, Ahmad’s journey is characterized by a steadfast commitment to his craft and an dedication to driving meaningful change within the business landscape.

Financing the Future

Ahmad’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship extends beyond mere investment; it encompasses a comprehensive approach to financing options. Through mechanisms such as earnouts and seller financing, Ahmad empowers entrepreneurs to realize their vision without succumbing to the limitations of traditional financing models. By offering flexible and tailored financing solutions, Ahmad ensures that capital constraints never impede the pursuit of innovation and growth.


In Bawar Ahmad, we witness the embodiment of entrepreneurial excellence—a visionary leader reshaping the contours of private equity and ecommerce. Through his ventures, including Baw Capital and Baw Mentor, Ahmad empowers entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, catalyzing growth, and driving innovation. With a steadfast commitment to authenticity, innovation, and genuine impact, Ahmad’s legacy as a transformative force in the business world is destined to endure for generations to come.