Since the popularity of dating applications, new users typically face a seemingly simple choice when registering: You are male or female. However, this question has left many users unable to choose. American sexologist Alfred Kinsey was among the first to argue that the simplistic binary division of gender does not capture the richness of human sexual activity. In this increasingly diverse world, forms of love and connection are equally varied and abundant. Crush, an innovative dating app, was born against this backdrop. It is not just a product of technology, but a profound understanding and practice of inclusion, diversity, and free love. Crush is committed to helping every heart seeking love and to be loved find its place in this diverse universe.

Building an Inclusive Social Ecosystem

From the outset, Crush has been committed to breaking the limitations of traditional dating apps by offering a series of innovative designs and functionalities that provide a safe, respectful, and understanding dating environment for LGBTQ+ users. At Crush, users are free to choose how they express their gender identity and sexual orientation, a direct reflection of our commitment to inclusivity. On Crush, users have three options: man, woman, and a “more” button. This third option opens the door to a completely open field, where users can enter anything they wish. Through a carefully designed user interface, we encourage everyone to show their true selves, rather than hiding behind the masks of societal expectations.

At Crush, we believe our mission extends far beyond being just a dating app. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in society, a commitment that is reflected not only in our product design but also in our social actions. Through partnerships with LGBTQ+ organizations, Crush participates in and supports various social activities and initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness and support for the LGBTQ+ community. We also offer educational programs and public lectures on gender diversity and sexual orientation to help break down prejudices and build a more open and inclusive society. Crush aims to be a bridge of connection, not just between users, but also between different cultures and societies.

Diversity and Gender Equity Strategies

Despite the growing momentum of the LGBTQ+ rights movement globally, the living conditions of sexual minorities remain far from optimistic. Individuals from these groups are more susceptible to violence and unfair treatment in their work, studies, and personal lives, and they often face lower visibility. “Hi, are you a man or a woman now? Do you have a penis?” William, a transgender individual, frequently receives such highly offensive messages on dating apps. Additionally, there are many instances of individuals maliciously reporting William’s profile as fraudulent.

We recognize that safety is the cornerstone of building an inclusive social platform. Therefore, Crush employs a combination of advanced algorithms and manual reviews to ensure a positive and safe platform environment. Furthermore, Crush provides a reporting mechanism that allows users to report harassment, discrimination, or hate speech against transgender individuals and other content that violates platform policies. Our anti-discrimination policy strictly defines community behavior standards, and any actions that violate these standards are dealt with immediately.

On a socially inclusive dating app, women cannot choose to only see cisgender men. Individuals with fluid genders can not only seek out others with fluid genders. It encompasses men, women, or both. “If a transgender woman appears on your deck and you’re not interested in dating a transgender woman,” the CEO of Crush said, “then you simply swipe left.”

Walking Hand in Hand with the Times: Crush

In the future, Crush will continue to dedicate itself to the dual mission of technological innovation and social responsibility, constantly enhancing our services to ensure that everyone can find their own story on our platform. We believe that as society progresses, the inclusivity and understanding towards the LGBTQ+ community will deepen further, and Crush will always stand at the forefront of this transformation, providing a warm home for every heart seeking love and connection.

The CEO of Crush tells us, “The LGBTQ+ community is part of the social and cultural structure, as well as part of your dating pool. And this is precisely the modern world we live in.” In this universe of diverse love, everyone’s story deserves to be heard, and every love deserves to be celebrated. Crush is not just a dating platform; it is a collective of faith and hope. We believe that here, everyone can find their place. Let’s move forward together, for a love without boundaries.

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