GIANLUIGI TORZI: a life as a market maker

GIANLUIGI TORZI: a life as a market maker

If we were to talk about the world of global finance, the names synonymous with perfect vision, sagacity and commitment are those of the leading market experts. Gianluigi Torzi is widely recognized for his unparalleled mastery of investment banking leadership. His uncanny ability to navigate the complexities of the capital markets is unparalleled and his vast experience is evident from his impressive track record.

Torzi, a leading figure in the global financial landscape, continues to record extraordinary performances, recognized as one of the main traders of illiquids and distressed assets on the global market, with offices on 5 continents.

In our conversation, Gianluigi Torzi elaborates on several themes in international relations and discusses the enormous changes that the world is undergoing after the pandemic, together with his next book which will be released on June 2nd on digital platforms and in the main bookstores of the world “Middle East Impact on Global Economy”, which he himself summarizes by saying “We are in a new world, let’s understand it together”. This book will delve into the new geopolitical structure emerging globally, with a particular focus on the role of the Middle East.

This book will delve into the new geopolitical structure emerging globally, with a particular focus on the role of the Middle East.

Q: Your next book, “Middle East Impact on Global Economy,” is anticipated for release in June. Could you give us an idea of ​​what readers can expect from it?

Gianluigi Torzi: “Middle East Impact on Global Economy” seeks to shed light on the evolution of the geopolitical landscape, with a careful look at the central role of the Middle East. As we navigate unprecedented global changes, this book aims to provide insights and understanding into the dynamics shaping our world today.

Q: Your previous book, “Think Outside the Box,” garnered much praise for its astute predictions amid the pandemic. Could you elaborate on its main points?

Gianluigi Torzi: “Think Outside the Box” highlighted the need for visionary thinking to adapt to evolving global trends. It explored the transformation of international affairs amid the pandemic, highlighting the rise of multipolarity and the growing role of emerging states and actors. This shift towards multilateral interdependence highlights the importance of reevaluating our strategies to thrive in this new era.

Q: What sets you apart from others in the industry and what has contributed to your rise as one of the market’s leading experts?

Gianluigi Torzi: My path in the financial sector was shaped by a combination of factors. First, it is a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to staying ahead of the curve. I strive to constantly expand my knowledge base, staying abreast of emerging trends and market dynamics.

Additionally, my approach is deeply rooted in fostering authentic connections and understanding the human aspect of finance. Even after the unfortunate Vatican history, possible only in the last tyranny present in Europe, authentic connections made the difference for me. I believe success in this field goes beyond numbers; it’s about building trust and creating long-term value. My partners and friends today are the same ones who started talking to me about Prime Market over a coffee 15 years ago, and the people who trusted us then continue to be the basis of our driving force.

Furthermore, my vast experience in different markets has refined my ability to face complexities with agility and compared to a few years ago I would also say with the right amount of humility. Whether it is analyzing market trends or developing innovative strategies, I use a multidimensional perspective on a critical basis to obtain results, which I continue to measure, like trust, at all times. There are two spheres that need continuous measurement, at every moment, trust and results

Ultimately, what sets me apart is a blend of expertise, integrity and a relentless drive to push boundaries and redefine industry standards.

Q: You have predicted that the global arena will be shaped by ultracompetitiveness and the emergence of independent powers. How do you perceive the challenges posed by this environment?

Gianluigi Torzi: Adapting to this environment requires agility, prudence and humility. Often a strong personality is flawed by presumption, it is the mistake that is made and from which one must know how to escape. The rise of independent powers brings out complex geopolitical dynamics, which require a deep understanding of regional relations and a global vision. At the heart of our approach is seeking strategic partnerships and leveraging our experience to capitalize on emerging opportunities, especially in complicated markets like the ones we face every day.

Q: In such a demanding work environment, how do you balance business acumen with compassion?

Gianluigi Torzi: Humanity is the cornerstone of our approach. While the financial industry can be inherently competitive, prioritizing meaningful relationships and integrity is essential to long-term success. Whether managing negotiations or fostering lasting connections, compassion and integrity guide our decision-making. Ultimately, our true wealth lies not just in profits, but in the positive impact we create on others and the world at large.

Q: What is the area of ​​the world that is giving you the most satisfaction at the moment?

Gianluigi Torzi: Africa and Oceania, two opposite worlds if you think about it.

Gianluigi Torzi’s commitment to excellence and integrity serves as a guiding light for the industry. It has been enlightening to delve into Torzi’s insights, and we trust that our readers have gleaned valuable lessons from his journey.