- A Revolution For The Customer Care Industry - A Revolution For The Customer Care Industry

Many people dislike customer service; it takes a long period to get to the representative, and it’s often confusing, or unhelpful. That makes it difficult to get help when they need it and people may find that unprofessional or rude. Additionally, the service providers often transfer calls from one department to another and put the users in a continuous loop. This can make it hard to track down the representative or get help.

These are some big customer service problems around the world and one company is here to solve them. The founders of DayApp understand how important time is for people. The app helps you connect directly with human customer support skipping the robot system. Because of the astonishing problem-solving performance, Silicon Valley Times named DayApp one of the Top 10 Smart Apps of 2022.

When there is a problem with any service, people want to fix it as soon as possible. That is why is on a mission to provide the fastest and most reliable connection for people to solve their problems and make the most out of their time without waiting hours on hold.

For people who are in jobs and have to pay bills, this has become one of the revolutionary apps. It has also been seen that many people take the day off or ask for a couple of hours break from their jobs to call the company to solve their issues. Because calling to get the solution to the problem often seems impossible for them.

With DayApp now people aren’t worrying about this anymore. With the AI technology the app dials all the required interactive voice response (IVR), stays on hold, and connects to you when real humans pick up the phone. This makes it easier for people to stay connected when they need to talk, even if that’s during work.

The DayApp provides access to a variety of companies; banks, insurance companies, software providers, and more. You can call any company you want from the app. Many people are now taking advantage of this service because it’s much easier and faster than calling a customer service representative by themselves.

If you value your time  and you hate interacting with Robots on the phone and you get headaches from automated menus & elevator music, DayApp is the right choice for you.