How to make money while taking a sunbath on your balcony

How to make money while taking a sunbath on your balcony

What is better than taking a sunbath on the first warm days of the year? 

Agree… having a fresh coffee while taking the sunbath. 

After many cold snowy and rainy days without much sunlight, it gives us so much energy and power to soak up the sun. It feels like a new beginning. The sun is so important for us. It gives us motivation, vitamins, and maybe a little sunburn when we can´t get enough. 

Now comes the problem: we can´t just spend all the time on the balcony taking a sunbath. We have to do something for our financial life. The majority of us go to work 5 days a week from 7 AM to 5 PM, so we can afford the coffee and balcony to take a sunbathe.

Now comes the idea: what if we can work and make a living while we take a sunbathe on our balcony?

We totally can! The internet gave us opportunities we might have never thought of. We can work from every place in this world as long as we have internet and some electricity. There are various ways we can work online and make a living from it.

How to make money while taking a sunbath on your balcony

Now the possible ways come:


Freelancing might be one of the most famous ways to work online and remotely. Freelancing basically means that you offer your service to others, being your own boss and being independent. There are various ways how to be a freelancer. The most common way is to use platforms like Fiverr, where you can offer your service and people can contact you for work. People on Fiverr offer everything. They write posts for others, do proofreading, design websites, help to get traffic, and much more. Fiverr is one of the top websites that connect freelancers and customers all around the world.

Start a website

Starting a website or blog is a great idea to make money online. Make a plan of what the website should be about. It can be everything. People are blogging about business, lifestyle, cooking, traveling, body & soul, and much more. You have all freedom to start a website about things you love. Maybe you are an amazing cook and can share your secret tips and ideas for the most delicious dishes. 


Do you speak Spanish or Chinese fluently as well as English? That’s your opportunity to start working from wherever you are. As we live in a very connected world language translation is very important. Papers, documents, or books have to be translated into numerous languages. 

You can work online, making money as a translator! 

Online tutor

As we are experiencing a time where we have to stay at home a lot due to the pandemic we can see how important online learning and teaching became. Many people started to learn a new subject while being on lockdown. Various websites offer courses about cooking, art, languages, or playing an instrument. 

If you have extraordinary knowledge that you want to share, you can work as an online tutor and earn some money with it!

Social media manager

As the importance of social media is growing day by day, the importance of a social media manager is becoming bigger as well. Social media managers take care of the presence, content, and interaction with followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. For companies, it is totally important to be present on those media to reach potential customers and advertise their product or service. 

As a social media manager, you take care of the social media and a company’s reputation.

Sell online

Another option to be an entrepreneur and work from home is e-commerce. Do you have a product with high demand or a niche? Get ready to sell it online. E-commerce is booming right now and you have the chance to earn money easily while being home. Having the right product can help you to become financially independent through simple e-commerce.