How I Earned Extra Money While Being A Student

Student Life sounds like a dream! People call it the best time of life. Just have to study a little, go to pubs, party, figure out to live on your own and do whatever you like to.

That’s what I thought as well! I was so happy to finish school, move to another city on my own, study, and find new friends. I was so excited about that new life. It was easy for me: I found new people, I didn’t have any trouble with studying the subjects and I had a nice room in a shared flat.

That sounds amazing! It was amazing, until the day I realized that I need money for my daily life as well! This happened to you as well? Hotel MAMA is amazing because you have food, a bed, and everything you need. Living on your own you realize that you have to manage your household and especially finances.

I had a scholarship and my parents helped me with some money and it was barely enough to pay my rent and get some food.

So, what is this kind of student life? You can´t go out and you only buy the cheapest food because you cannot afford more. It made me a little frustrated. I didn’t want to ask my parents for more money. I wanted to solve this challenge by myself.

And I did! You want to know how?

The magical keyword is “blogging”!

I found a way to make some money working online. This does not happen from one day to another. It is a process.

Let me tell you how I started and I hope it will help you to get started as well:

The first thing I did was researching websites, blogging, and how to make money with them. There are countless blogs and websites where people share their knowledge and experience of how they created their own website and generate an income from it.

To be honest, it is absolutely interesting to read all this but I kept being suspicious about it. I was not totally convinced how it should work. It sounded too good for me!

Crazy right, when something sounds good, we try to find the scam in it.

I found a solution for that: I signed up for a course on how to start a professional blog. And it was totally worth it. It just cost me $32 and gave me the fundamental knowledge to start my own business.

The course has very good reviews and the price is totally appropriate. I can just say it again: It was the best decision I made!

Check out the course to get more information:

How to make $2000 from home

So, I started to create and design my own website with the help of the course. Every day I spend one or two hours creating content that my audience can grow.

You will say: sounds nice but how did you actually make money with writing content and publish it on your website?

The thing is that there are view steps you can take to generate money.

One thing is to apply for ads. The ads will be seen on your website and you get money for them. If people click it, the money you will get increases. This is a way to make a passive income without much work needed from your side.

Another way is sponsor-posts. You can apply to write sponsored posts, publish the content on your website and earn around $40 per post.

A third way how to make money with your website is through affiliate programs. Your website shows a product or service of a company and if they do a sell through you get a commission.

These are the three ways how I make money with my blog. I can manage my timetable and decide how much I can and want to work. So, when I am in an exam-phase I might not apply for all sponsored posts. But when I am free I can invest more time and energy making some extra money.

In the end, I can say that creating my own website, participating in this amazing course has helped to get some extra money so I can enjoy my student life to the fullest by having a good coffee in a restaurant with friends or buy my favorite chocolate without hesitating.

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