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The pandemic gave us a totally new topic to deal with. Many people all over the world were quarantined, had to work in a home office, or lost their job. Nearly every person was requested to stay in their room, flat, or house for numerous weeks and months. 

Our society never experienced that before. From one day to another you are stuck in your home with nothing to do. We were used to working every day, meet friends on our free days. A daily routine was given. But the pandemic took that structure away. 

The pandemic took away our daily routine and obligations

For many people, it was their own challenge to create a purpose and daily routine for themselves. A total new task to learn.

Working as an entrepreneur you know how important a daily routine is for your success. 

Some people say that they don´t need any structure in their days, but most people who work independently and run their own business see the daily routine as a fundamentally important aspect to be successful. 

Of course, for some days it might be super chill to just hang around and relax, but in a long term, a daily routine gives us structure, a purpose, and stability to achieve the goals we set.

It does not mean to have a strict plan for every minute of the day, but having a certain structure and schedule gives you motivation and efficiency.

Create a daily routine

Maybe you learned this by yourself while being in a lockdown: the first few days you totally love just doing what comes to your mind… you watch Netflix for three days straight, you sleep during the day and eat whenever you feel like, but after a while, your human instincts ask for a purpose and routine. 

Create a daily routine. Wake up, take a shower and make a proper breakfast. Maybe take some time for yourself, exercise or go for a walk. Set a certain schedule where you work and when you take a break. You don’t have to make every day the same but give yourself something to lean on that helps you to be productive and motivated. 

Only YOUR OWN routine is powerful

A very important thing you need to know is that you have to create a routine that totally fits you. Only your own routine is powerful. 

If you are not a morning person, don´t force yourself to wake up at 5 am every morning. This will not do anything good to you. Make a structure that fulfills your requirements and habits. Don´t force yourself to work late if you are not a “night-person”. Some people are very productive in the morning and others can´t do more than drinking coffee. 

Know what is good for you

You have to reflect on your own habits and needs very clear before you create a powerful routine. Knowing what your body and mind needs (breaks, exercise, etc.) are fundamental for making the perfect routine for yourself. 

Give yourself the perfect structure to be productive, to feel confident and efficient. The habits that make you feel good will help you to stay strong and healthy physically and mentally, even through hard times. 

A routine and structure help you to be powerful and achieve your goals and dreams!