Payable- The innovation everybody needs

Payable- The innovation everybody needs

A thing that is common all over the world: ordering and paying online! 

With a simple click, clothes can be ordered, the new iPhone chosen and food brought to your doorsteps, and throughout the whole process, you don’t even have to count your coins and notes. The only thing you do is click some buttons and payment is frictionless. 

However, for small businesses and side hustles, setting up online payments can be complex and often involve lots of up front costs and time investment. Sellers can often end up paying $30-50 a month for a platform when they do not even know if they will make a single sale.

This is where Payable comes in as the number one game changer! 

What is Payable?

Payable develops apps, add-ons, and plugins that simplify the process of payments. 

If you are a business owner selling products online, Payable can help you create the best app, add on or plugin to make the payment as easy and efficient as possible. 

With different tools, they ensure a clear and simple payment process where you don’t need to count your money manually. Automated electronic payment options take the process to the next level of quality and efficiency. They do all the work to provide connections to payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, Square, Rapyd, and Razorpay.

The Google Forms Add-On!

One amazing offer of Payable is the add-ons for Google Forms and sheets.  They take advantage of the amazing capabilities of Google Forms and help sellers also incorporate payment in a snap.

“Let your Google Forms accept payment like Magic”

Automated calculations and updates with the connected sheets or forms allow professional handling and efficient management of payments. 

The easy setup with real-time updates, auto themes, check-out settings, and form notifications makes the add-on a tool every professional business owner wants to use!

Why does everybody need it? 

A simple user experience from submission to checkout

Payable offers a set of tools to make the payment process as efficient and high-quality as possible. If you run a business that sells products or services online or if you are planning events the add-ons are the best possible way to create simple payment options for easy handling as a seller and excellent experiences for the buyers. 

There are no upfront or monthly costs, no hidden conditions or regulations.

No more complicated and irritating lists of who played and who didn’t. With the Payable Add-Ons, everything is managed and organized. 

The setup is simple: Installing the Add-ons, linking payment methods (PayPal or Stripe), and everything is ready!

Payable Google Forms is a great option for people who are just getting started and need a fast way to setup an online payment option for their customers.