Omar Omar the business owner of the state’s largest wheels and tires retails shops

Omar Omar the business owner of the state’s largest wheels and tires retails shops

There are only a few businesses that made it through the pandemic without major damages. Numerous companies got closed permanently or had to face serious losses. For many businesses surviving was difficult but for Omar, the enterprise was thriving. 

Omar is a business owner who runs his business in Dallas, Texas. His company Omar’s Wheels and Tires provides customers with over 5000+ styles of cast aluminum and custom forged wheels for any kind of vehicle including ATVs and UTVs. Our media reached out to Omar, and here are some of the advice and tips from him for our readers.

Omar Omar the business owner of the state’s largest wheels and tires retails shops
Omar Omar the business owner of the state’s largest wheels and tires retails shops

What is business for you?

Many people take business as a way to make money, but it’s more than that. For me, my business represents myself. The more I grow mentally and financially, the business gets bigger simultaneously. I take responsibility for the company and create strategies to help more people with the service they need. Pushing myself to break yesterday’s result and give more value to customers makes me feel alive. For me, Omar’s wheels and tires have been not only a place for business but a part of me.

The business being able to provide job opportunities is something I am proud of. I often recall myself when I was starting out and was looking for a job. In every staff of mine, I see the desire to become someone that is looking for a career boost. Being able to create a positive impact on an employee’s life and help customers get service beyond expectation is real work for me. 

What is success for you?

Success for me is being able to provide high-quality service to my customers, sustain a healthy lifestyle, and have a happy family. I never looked at success as a destination or a position. I enjoy each moment and haven’t let the outer environment bring my motivation down. Today people might call me successful because I own one of the state’s largest wheels and tires retail shops but for me, when I was working as an employee years ago, it was also a success. 

Omar Omar, Founder of Omar's wheels and Tires
Omar Omar, Founder of Omar’s wheels and Tires

What advice would you like to give to aspiring business owners?

Owning a business can be life-changing but there are many things to consider before. Don’t try to go big in an industry that you don’t know about unless you have a mentor. You have to value the experience and invest in yourself. Another important thing I would like to mention is to have passion for what you do. Never try to sell something that you will not buy yourself.

Now the marketing and advertising of any product has been very easy with the internet. But for a business owner, my advice is to create a product or service of high value. This helps in customer retention and recommendations. Many people might come across claiming to give you the secrets to get rich quickly. My advice is to never fall for those business schemes. Building a strong and thriving business, it needs time, continued work, dedication, and commitment. There might be days where you will get tons of sales and another day with no transaction at all. In business, you will be facing highs and lows often, be humble when you do better, and stay optimistic even when you fail. Business is a journey, learn, enjoy, experience, and give your best.