Morgan T Nelson

Morgan T Nelson

Many entrepreneurs don’t know what they are capable of. To not lose what they already have, business people often play small. The comfort of receiving few clients without additional work limits the growth of a company. In today’s generation, it is challenging to sustain without being competitive. That is why new entrepreneurs or business owners must dream big to make an impact and live with the concept of financial freedom.

Enter Morgan T Nelson, Millennial mentor, motivational speaker, founder, and host of Dream Out Loud. Walking on his true path, Nelson has been an inspiration to many. Through his social media, events, and podcasts he shares different skills, tips, and mindset hacks so that every individual can build the dream life. Currently Dream Out Loud is the number one podcast for all young entrepreneurs. 

Because of his expertise, authentic content, and value, numerous online publications regularly invite him for exclusive interviews. He has been featured on Think 7 Figures, Disrupt magazine, Millionaire mentor, and often can be seen as a guest on different podcasts. Morgan believes that dreaming big helps to unlock hidden potential and set up entrepreneurs towards life-changing events.

At the age of 23, Morgan was able to reach financial freedom, and now at 28, he is helping thousands of people to be able to achieve the same. From Goal Coast Australia, he runs a multi-six-figure business and frequently travels to different countries for speaking events.  

Morgan T Nelson, Millennial Mentor and Host of Dream Out Loud

Here is some of the advice from Morgan, that we believe our audience will benefit from to create a financially independent living. 

What are the habits that you think will help millennials to reach a financial goal?

Reaching financial goals is easy once young people start to adapt to the growth mindset. That will strengthen an individual to think outside of the box and most importantly, take high risks. Such habits (learning and taking calculated risks) are one of the best ways to ensure financial success. 

Plan the day

Millennials should focus on a daily plan to break the barrier and achieve new financial goals. Whether it is waking up a couple of hours early or going to bed late, there needs to be a proper day-to-day plan of action. To be successful it’s crucial to finish the task without getting distracted. Create a list of things you need to execute within a day and start with the difficult one.

Commitment and dedication

It is essential to stay committed to the financial goal. To accomplish big things in life, an individual needs to work on his/her weaknesses and have strong dedication. The primary factor why many people stay behind or go broke is because of the lack of commitment. 

Money affirmation 

To attract money it is mandatory to amplify the energy and rewire the subconscious mind. The straightforward way is repeating your financial goal as an affirmation or daily meditation. Millennials need to Dream out loud and believe it is about to happen.

A habit of saying “NO”

Numerous opportunities will approach while growing the networth to reach a financial goal. In these scenarios saying “NO” is essential to projects that don’t align with the targeted ambition. To become successful it’s necessary to walk away from work that is time-consuming, low-paid, and stressful. This habit will attract bigger and better opportunities. 

Morgan T Nelson, Millennial Mentor and Host of Dream Out Loud
Morgan T Nelson, Millennial Mentor and Host of Dream Out Loud

Why do you think self-development is essential for success? And how can millennials get started?

Self-development is an integral part of our life. It’s impossible to become a better version and flourish without the support of self-development. When an individual starts working on personal growth, he/she begins to build curiosity that results in utmost understanding. It reinforces the sense to make proper decisions, build leadership qualities, develop patients that intensify towards creating a successful and happy life.

Listen motivational / self-development podcasts

That is a great way to start with self-development. Unlike videos and books, podcasts are easier to consume. Podcasts are multitasking friends which is great for busy individuals where they can work on projects and simultaneously feed the mind. Because of the easy access, people listen to podcasts during the bus ride, hiking, and additional activities. For beginners working one-to-one with coaches might be expensive but with podcasts, anyone can be the audience and learn directly from the experts. 

Be Consistent 

An individual must have consistency and adapt self-development as a lifestyle. Without it, people will go back to a fixed mindset and will never achieve what they desire. The excitement to learn and grow brings effective changes. People who embrace self-development find themselves with profound purpose and great fulfillment. That is why the continuous practice of self-development is the key to success. 

Accept challenges

The fear of losing doesn’t let people grow. Self-development is all about leveling up yourself, and that is only possible when a person accepts challenges. Overcoming fear will make people better and stronger. Take time to discover the soft spot that is killing progress. Once you have all the effective strategies, take the challenge and go all in.  

It was amazing to learn some of the financial and self-development tips from Morgan T Nelson. We hope reading his answers has helped you to make plans and implement the strategies for your own company. To get additional tips or to have a marketing plan that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via Instagram: Morgan T Nelson