Silicon Valley

Almost all the people of this planet desire to be the CEO of a company and live a successful life. Employees dream of getting promoted so that they can make more money to support their travel, college or family. There are various reasons why an individual needs money. And one of the best ways to earn money is by starting a business.

The idea of starting something your own sounds risky to numerous people. In a business there things are not very certain and to create a thriving business, experience matters. For the first year in business it’s comparatively hard to make enough money as a beginner. And not having proper support from the mentors or business coach is one of the main reasons why many businesses fail within the first year.

Starting a startup is like having a baby, you need to plan everything and have long term vision. Currently everything is becoming digital and every business first place is to be visible online. If you are thinking of starting your own startup, think in advance digital ways. 

Some people are blessed with entrepreneur parents who support financially and strategically. But most of the people are not fortunate to have this kind of support. To find funding for your new company loans is never a good idea. If you get professional and experience banks loans can help you to maximize the growth but not in the beginning stage of your entrepreneurship.

There are various ways you can self fund your startup. One of the first ways to start collecting money for your startup is by garage sale. If you have things that are not in use but will provide some cash, sell them. This is one of the best ways to get some funds to support a startup.

Second way to fund your business is to start a blog with the same name of your desired company. With this you can learn about the business strategies and rewrite it on your blog. Within some months you will be able to gather more information and tricks to run your business as well as monetize the blog. There are various ways you can monetize the blog like sponsored posts, Google ads, affiliate marketing and more. The money earned by blogging on the niche of your startup will help you to collect the money you need as well as gather needed information.

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