Interview with Daniel Zahoul,Founder of Naluda Magazine and Bdsign Creative Group

Interview with Daniel Zahoul,Founder of Naluda Magazine and Bdsign Creative Group

Daniel Zahoul, a dynamic entrepreneur with a knack for creative innovation, is the visionary founder behind Naluda  Magazine and Bdsign Creative Group. A force to be reckoned with in the design and publishing industries, Zahoul’s  entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his relentless drive, artistic flair, and strategic acumen. 

An expert in conceptualizing and delivering unique creative solutions, Zahoul leveraged his passion and talent to  establish Bdsign Creative Group. Under his leadership, Bdsign has grown into a formidable creative agency,  distinguished by its cutting-edge design, innovative strategies, and a dedicated focus on client satisfaction. 

Zahoul’s foray into the world of publishing resulted in the creation of Naluda Magazine. A platform designed to inspire,  inform, and engage readers, Naluda is renowned for its vibrant content, insightful interviews, and commitment to  high-quality journalism. With Zahoul at the helm, Naluda has continually pushed the boundaries of digital publishing,  earning its place as a prominent and respected magazine. 

As a leader, Zahoul’s strategic vision, coupled with his dedication to fostering a culture of creativity and excellence,  has been instrumental in the success of both Bdsign Creative Group and Naluda Magazine. His journey exemplifies  the power of innovation, determination, and leadership in transforming creative visions into influential realities. 

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1. Could you please give us a short introduction about yourself and walk us through your professional  journey leading up to the establishment of Bdsign Creative Group and Naluda Magazine? 

Yes, I’m Daniel Zahoul, currently residing in Newport Beach, California with my family. I’m the brains behind Naluda  Magazine and Bdsign Creative Group, and a collaborator on several other initiatives. My professional background  began in Graphic Design, but I gradually diversified and mastered SEO and website construction. 

2. What was the driving force behind the founding of Bdsign Creative Group? Could you recount the  inception story of the company? 

Bdsign Creative Group was born in 2007. Originally an editorial and graphic design agency, we quickly evolved to  include web and digital marketing. Our clientele comes from various sectors, including medical, fashion, health and  fitness, and technology. 

3. How does Bdsign Creative Group set itself apart from the competition? 

Our distinctive qualities lie in our exceptional customer service and our knack for innovative thinking. We keep  ourselves up-to-date with technology and trends, always viewing from both user and developer perspectives. 

4. What prompted you to create Naluda Magazine and step into the world of publishing? 

Launched in 2013, Naluda Magazine was an innovative step towards digital magazines, trends in technology and  focusing on eco-friendly practices by reducing paper usage. Our content primarily covers celebrities, models, fashion,  music, and events. The name Naluda may not hold a particular meaning, but it’s special as it embodies the initials of  my wife, son, and me. 

5. Can you describe the distinctive value proposition that Naluda Magazine offers to its audience? 

What sets us apart is our leadership in exclusive online interviews. We were pioneers in dedicating a website  primarily for interviews with various personalities, from celebrities to artists and entrepreneurs. Our effective SEO  work helps improve the visibility of our interviewees in search engine rankings.

6. Could you share some significant challenges you’ve faced in your entrepreneurial journey, and how you’ve  overcome them? 

The initial hurdle was gaining trust and establishing connections with agencies, PR professionals, managers, and  celebrities. With perseverance and dedicated effort, Naluda has reached its current position. We’re just getting  started, with many more exciting projects in the pipeline. 

7. Could you discuss a project or collaboration that has left a significant imprint on Bdsign Creative Group or  Naluda Magazine? 

A memorable moment was our first photoshoot in Los Angeles with the gorgeous model and UFC ring girl, Arianny  Celeste, who graced our first digital magazine cover. She was a pleasure to work with, adding to the success of the  shoot. 

Interview with Daniel Zahoul,Founder of Naluda Magazine and Bdsign Creative Group
Daniel Zahoul

8. How do you keep pace with the evolving trends in design and publishing? How does this impact your work  at Bdsign Creative Group and Naluda Magazine? 

To stay ahead, we incorporate trends into our projects while also creating our own. Technology is a moving target,  requiring us to adapt continually. I recall my early days in Advertising agencies when tasks were manually done,  compared to today’s advanced tech environment. It’s essential to keep our creative juices flowing and focus on what  works best for the client. 

9. As an accomplished entrepreneur, what guidance would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs planning to  establish their own creative agencies or publications? 

My advice is simple – Just do it. Persistence and foresight will carry you through challenges, unpleasant clients, and  naysayers. With continuous networking and hard work, you’ll always progress. 

10. Can you tell us about any future prospects for Bdsign Creative Group and Naluda Magazine? Are there  any promising projects or growth opportunities on the horizon that you could let us in on? 

Indeed. We’ve developed additional websites that will continue to propel our company as an online media network,  fostering future opportunities in SEO and establishing networks for our clients across various sectors. Stay tuned for  upcoming and thrilling news. ­čÖé 

11. Could you enlighten us on your outlook for the future of design and digital publishing in light of the  current industry trends? 

I believe that the future of design and publishing is closely tied to users’ digital experiences, how they digest  information quickly and effortlessly, and how we can enhance user experience through innovative and creative  projects. 

12. Finally, how do you manage the responsibilities of operating two unique businesses, and how do you  ensure a balance between your work and personal life? 

Frankly, it’s been challenging. I work around the clock, seven days a week. I am a firm believer that diligence yields  rewards. When I initiate a project, I commit myself fully to it, reflecting on it constantly and seeking ways to make it  work, improve it, and effect change. Fortunately, I have an incredible wife who also owns her own thriving  international business. She understands what commitment and effort entail and has been my pillar of strength and  primary support. My two children also comprehend the energy we invest in our work and know that our ultimate goal  is for their benefit.