Jenny Melia Disrupting The Online business World With Creators Training

Jenny Melia Disrupting The Online business World With Creators Training

It’s not easy to get out of the rat race, but it can be done. Most people think that the only way to achieve financial independence is by winning the lottery or getting a high-paying job. But there’s another path, and it involves starting your own online business from scratch and making passive income from it day after day, week after week, year after year until you no longer need to work.

Enter Jenny Melia, CO-Founder of Creators Training. She is an entrepreneur, investor, thought leader, online content creator, digital marketer, and social media expert. With years of experience in running different businesses, Jenny and her partner (Julian Alexander) founded “Creators Training” to help people attain financial breakthroughs and live a life full of happiness and abundance. 

What’s impressive about Jenny is that she is on a mission to help young people earn 10K/month as a complete beginner. With her company, she is teaching people the fundamentals of business 1. Building Funnels 2. Sales Psychology and 3. Marketing so that her students become certified growth hackers and can travel the world just like her.

Financial independence can be hard to achieve, especially if you don’t know what steps to take to achieve it. Luckily, there are many ways you can make money online, whether by freelancing or starting your own business; the internet provides countless opportunities to make some extra cash on the side or even replace your day job entirely. – Jenny Melia 

Achieving financial independence is a major goal for many people. And there are plenty of good reasons why. For one, you’re not tied to a specific location or job. You can work from anywhere in the world, which gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility. 

Jenny Melia Disrupting The Online business World With Creators Training

Additionally, online businesses tend to have lower overhead costs than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. This means you can keep more of your profits and reinvest them back into your business. Finally, owning your own business gives you the potential to make a lot more money than working for someone else. 

Jenny mentioned, “The only thing that is stopping many people from making a desired amount of money is their mindset”. She added: In order to successfully navigate the financial world, it helps to have a positive mindset about money, as well as an understanding of how it works and what we should know in order to get along well with it. 

Having a positive money mindset doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of money, to begin with; instead, this refers to your approach to managing and spending that money wisely so that it leads to future financial stability and security.

You’ve probably heard the saying, You are what you eat. Well, the same goes for your money mindset. If you want to change your relationship with money, you have to change your mindset first. – Jenny Melia 

Along with having money and a growth mindset, entrepreneurs must find a unique way to differentiate themselves from others so that visitors convert into regular buyers. 

Here are some of the steps Jenny recommends to run a business in the most profitable way possible. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have years of experience, these steps will help you bring in more money while spending less time on bookkeeping and payroll tasks and maximizing your time spent with clients and customers. 

1) Strategy: Before you can create a marketing strategy, you need to understand your target market. Who are they? What do they need or want? What are their pain points? Once you understand your target market, you can begin creating a marketing strategy that will reach them where they are and entice them to buy from you.

2) Success: Defining success for your business is critical to achieving it. Without a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, it will be difficult to make informed decisions that move you closer to your goals. By taking the time to define success for your business, you can set yourself up for long-term success.

3) Customer Personas: Understanding who your target customer is, is essential. This can be done by creating customer personas, which are semi-fictional characters that represent your ideal customer. Once you have your personas, you need to understand their needs and pain points. Only then can you create a product or service that meets their needs and solves their problems.

4) Get to work: You need to put in the work if you want to see results. That means being dedicated, passionate, and willing to do whatever it takes to make your business successful. Of course, it also helps to have a great product or service that people want or need. But even the best products won’t sell themselves—you need to get out there and market them!


There are hundreds of students in Creators Training who have been able to transform and live an extraordinary & impactful life. For the people who don’t know where to start, feel stuck or overwhelmed with getting started in online businesses, Jenny Melia is the person who can help.