Isabella Kanso, The Spiritual Entrepreneur Who Danced With Death Over 8 Times

Isabella Kanso, The Spiritual Entrepreneur Who Danced With Death Over 8 Times

Spirituality is often seen as a belief in a higher power, it can also be simply a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves. It encompasses our values and our beliefs about life, the universe, and our place in it. For some, spirituality is a way to connect with nature or the divine. For others, it is a way of finding meaning and purpose in life.

Enter Isabella Kanso, founder of School Of Ikigai (Ikigia; Japanese for your reason for being). She is an inspirational speaker, thought leader, filmmaker, author, Prix jeunesse Host, TEDX resilience organizer, and UNICEF educator.

What’s impressive about Isabella is her determination to never give up in life and to use failure & setbacks as the catalyst for success. With her groundbreaking impact, she is on a mission to help people gain clarity about their life purpose and unlock their hidden inner power.

Isabella has had the utmost honor and privilege of meeting, hosting, interviewing, and/or being honored by some of the most influential and renowned Public Figures, Artists, and Influencers in the world, such as Prince William & Duchess Kate, Salma Hayek, Vera Wang, PM Justin Trudeau, Rupi Kaur, Najwa Zebian, Kris Jenner of the Arab World: Harriet La Mode, Governor Lieutenant: Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Miss Canada: Melanie Williamson, Tahani Abu-Raneh, Shannon Kook, Melissa Grelo.

With her tenacious and resilient spirit, Isabella hopes to leverage her voice of struggles and dances with death to be in service to humanity. Even with the pure desire to accomplish something and regularly manifest, many people aren’t able to achieve the result. This usually happens because of the energy blocks and stored trauma from years or lifetimes ago in our body which can be easily cleared by surrendering completely towards spirituality and embracing the guidance and healing from ancestors or higher power.

Spirituality has been shown to have some powerful healing effects. In fact, according to PMC PubMed Central, strong scientific evidence shows people who regularly participate in spiritual practices are healthier and possess greater healing capabilities. It also shows a positive correlation between spirituality and decreased stroke rates, cancer, cardiovascular disease, suicide and general mortality. Those who aren’t spiritual themselves may still find its practices and rituals helpful when going through difficult times, whether physically or emotionally—spirituality helps people cope with stress, make sense of their lives, and stay connected with other people (like friends and family).

Often it has been seen that those people who are destined for high purposes in life have to go through numerous challenges. Many people can’t face those challenges but those who do, break the wall of suffering and tap into universal energy to make an impact in the world.

Isabella‘s story is no different. Today we are thrilled to welcome her to our media for an exclusive interview. We are going to talk about her journey and how she fully embraced spirituality to invoke hope in the hearts of people.

Hello Isabella, Can you please tell us a little bit about you and your work?

Isabella Kanso: Thank you for your invitation, I’m honored to be here and share my story. I’m an 8x death warrior, war refugee & Lebanese Canadian Muslimish NLP Coach, pain alchemist, and energy healer currently based in Bali.

Since my teenage years, I have gone through various extensive medical examinations and have since been advocating & fighting for my life. The pain I was feeling couldn’t be explained by science and received little to no medical resolve. Results often seemed OK but the pains I was going through were far from being normal or explainable.

After being tired of continuously receiving no results from hospitals in 3 cities and across 2 countries, I decided to take an alternative approach and embraced this spiritual journey that I am still on. I always knew I had a bigger purpose (even when I was sick) and learned that my ancestors, spiritual guides, and universal energies were protecting me and leading me toward making an impact in the world with life-changing moments for me.

When I surrendered myself to spirituality, I started to understand the guidance that was given to me all along. My sixth sense started to grow stronger as I learned to tap into it, my health problems began to subside, my chakras were aligning, Kundalini raising, and I began to feel the healing energy and its potential building and growing inside of me. In this spiritual nomad journey from Canada – Los Angeles – Colombia – Bali, people have called me a gifted reiki healer, emotion code expert, the Bali miracle guru, the alchemist, shadow light warrior, the oracle, profeta de luz (prophet of light) by the indigenous of Colombia and so much more.

For a very long time I didn’t trust this energy flow within me, because I wanted to fit in and become just like everyone else. I honestly didn’t want to sound crazy for having this gift. So for a very long time I faced difficulties with my physical, mental and spiritual health. But as soon as I trusted my don (spiritual gifts) and completely embraced divine spirituality, I realized the presence of the universe inside of me and the power I yield in catapulting my life in the direction of my dreams, by taking the path least journeyed, as my grade 10 History teacher, Mrs Jennifer Peppler would share in a poem with us.

There are many people facing similar issues in life as I did. My story is the story of many people around the world, which led me to birth the School of Ikigai so that people can break out of their limitations and become unstoppable in life.

Through the School of Ikigai, I’m helping people restore their faith in ‘Hope & Miracles’ and in a life that seems far from possible. From my own experience with numerous complications, I’ve become stronger every day and have been able to break through towards the highest forms of healing. With the learning, remembering and researching of my ancestors’ practices throughout the years, I now have cultivated the courage to fulfill my own legacy and carry the ancestral healing torch through joy, harmony, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Thank you Isabella for sharing your journey, it has inspired us so much. Can you please share some ways on how our readers can find hope and positivity in difficult times?

Isabella Kanso: For many people, it can be difficult to find the silver lining in all the disappointment and sadness. Not only do these feelings weigh you down, but they can also be debilitating if left unchecked. These are concrete steps you can take to stay positive in even the most challenging situations.

Practice Meditation: Sit down in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Rest your hands in your lap with your palms up or my favorite, the Dhyana Mudra which invites the mind to go deeper, to reflect and contemplate. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Once you’re settled, begin focusing on your breath. Follow the path of your breath in your body as it enters and exits your nose. If your mind wanders, many will tell you to gently bring it back to focus on your breath, but I say sit with it. This is where you are. It will be difficult at first, but slowly you want to empty the mind. The more you empty, the easier it is to focus on your breath. Focus where you’re currently on in your journey. With five to 10 minutes, and build slowly to as far as you want to. The general 20-20-20 rule works great, but for me I can go from 1-3 hours depending on my journey.

Build your support network by surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. When you’re feeling down, it’s important to surround yourself with people who will lift you up. These people can be friends, family, or even co-workers. They should be positive influences who make you feel good about yourself.

Surrender & Take a Leap of Faith. Realize you can’t control everything! During tough times, it’s easy to get wrapped up in what’s going on and feel like you have no control. But the truth is, you can’t control everything. Life happens, and things will happen that are out of your control. Instead of fixating on what you can’t control, focus on what you can. Remember life doesn’t get easier, you become better. It takes the exact same energy to put into being sad and miserable versus happy and content. Everything is a choice. And sometimes we need to surrender to the unknown and take that leap, because God has a plan for you. It’s why He keeps waking you up everyday!

Reflect: In difficult times, it can be easy to focus on what’s going wrong. But instead of dwelling on the negative, take some time to reflect on what matters most to you. What are your values? What brings you joy? What are your goals? When you take the time to reflect on what’s important to you, it can be easier to find hope and positivity. From time to time, I encourage you to step out of our own narrative, because we are the stories we tell ourselves each day and sometimes we can be easily fixated on our stories of pain and trauma and allow it to consume us. There is a time to honor yourself and body by giving yourself the time needed to reflect and heal, and then there’s a time to get back out there. During the time you take to heal, be intentional. Mobilize yourself with the resilience tools necessary for a mind-body-soul optimization and upgrade, so the next time you’re in a similar position, you know how to handle it differently.

Isabella Kanso

Can you please share a little about IKIGAI, so that our readers can learn more about it and implement it in their daily life?

Isabella Kanso: I for Intentions. Set an intention for your life, for your 3,5,10 year plan, for your vacation, for your marriage, for your birthday and even for your day. For example: My intention for today is to be gifted with surprises that make me smile. The universe too has a language and if your language is one that is blaze, the universe will respond in that way. So if you live an aimless life, the universe will take a lazy approach towards you. But if you choose to be deliberate and determined, there’s an energy frequency that is igniting, and the universe atunes to those vibrations.

K for Kill. Kill your Ego and be Vulnerable! literally. Create a fictional character for her/him, GET PERSONAL. For example, my ego’s name is Francesa, she’s an extremely successful 30 year old fashion runway designer in Milan and she takes NO for an answer. She can be ruthless and unwavering. It’s her way or the highway! And this is something I encourage all my clients to create and have fun doing and being as vulnerable and raw as they possibly can. You can only meet others at the depths that you have met yourself.

I for Internal Compass. Quiet the Noise and Attune inwards. This internal compass is also known as your gut feeling or your third brain. Every time you get this butterfly feeling in your gut and feel like, for example, you shouldn’t go somewhere – that’s your internal compass delivering a message to you. Listen!

G for Garner Perspective: Travel in the pursuit of your heart’s desires and garner perspective from cultures and people that are different from you. Learn from those who do not see the world the way you do, open your mind and discover new horizons! It is in these spaces that we get to expand our Humanity and design a world that is built on understanding, respect and love in spite of our differences.

A for Acquiesce. Acquiesce to the Universe even when you feel reluctant! It always has your best interest at heart. The message may not be clear, especially taking the beaten path or the road least journeyed. But here acquiesce is to surrender and take a leap of faith in the unknown, it’s where true magic and miracles happen.

I for Investment. Invest in yourself! Investing in yourself is the highest ROI you’ll ever get back. It means discovering your truth by unlocking your voice, claiming your Powers and Sharing your gifts! That’s what IKIGAI is all about – sharing your gift and powers with the world and how you lead a life of true fulfillment and utter contentment.

Can you please share with us some of your IKIGAI methodologies on how to help people get aligned with the mind, body, and soul ?

Isabella Kanso: The Self Limiting Beliefs (SLB) Report: We sit down together in a safe container where I ask questions and probe and using NLP and my energy reading gifts, I create the SLB report that highlights your self limiting beliefs patterns, language of the critical self, and the hindrances blocking you from realizing your own powers by activating your truth, cleansing the blockages and alchemizing the old programs of the subconscious mind that comprise 95% of your actions and way of life.

The Mind Approach: In this preferred approach we work in a holistic route that focuses primarily on NLP and energy work while also infusing somatic therapy and movement. This program uses the personalized SLP report as the foundation for the guided meditation. Here I offer 3 highly curated individual programs that range from 4-12 weeks where you are presented with some of the following:UNICEF training, Inner child work, chakra healing, emotional resilience and empowerment techniques, womb power activation, 5D money manifestation and visualization techniques, Biz strategy Development and Brand Activation, storytelling and self expression, somatic bachata movement and yoga for invisible illness.

In The Body and Soul Approach: Singular or multiple sessions are designed on an individual to individual level. For example, In Body School of Ikigai offers Somatic Bachata Movement, Yoga for Invisible Illness as a licensed 200 TTC Yoga Alliance Instructor, Pranayama Breathwork and Ancient Yogic Massage.

While in Soul, we connect with souls looking for an energy reading, healing and pure divine downloads with consent and permission from the Divine Angelic Realms.


Isabella is an excellent example of a spiritual entrepreneur who creates services that benefit humanity. To make the world a better place, we need more entrepreneurs like her. People who are on a spiritual path aren’t focused on money; their vision & mission are to empower others & create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

It was great interviewing Isabella Kanso. If you are looking to have a breakthrough in life or have any questions about her courses, feel free to reach out to her through the official website: