South African Start-Up Playlyst Studios Is Disrupting The Podcast Industry

South African Start-Up Playlyst Studios Is Disrupting The Podcast Industry

The continued growth of podcast listening is expected. An estimated 100 million people listen to podcasts each month and it’s expected to reach 125 million in 2022.

There are millions of personalities around the world who have become podcasters by sharing inspirational content from actors to authors. It seems like this space just keeps getting bigger. However, there are so many mediums out there to share content, but oftentimes individuals might not have time to scroll content visually on the screen. This is where podcasting fills the gap.

Enter Maveshan Chetty, Founder of Playlyst Studios. He has been featured in numerous international magazines for his work in the podcast sector. The studio is growing strong with over 600+ episodes produced and a team of 11 across the world this studio has no plan to stop. The number of people listening to podcasts is increasing rapidly which has allowed companies to differentiate themselves and stand as a thought leader or an influencer. Understanding this fact Maveshan’s Playlyst Studios is on a mission to help content creators share their story and re-imagine podcasts that have never been heard before. The notion that you need a big budgeted studio and need to constantly record episodes is no more, Playlyst Studios packages their original content into seasons and allows their clients to record at the comfort of their home while ensuring their audio is of the best quality.

Podcasts allow you to share your story exactly the way you want. It helps you to build your audience. You will have the power to control the content which you often don’t get working with news/media companies.- Maveshan Chetty

South African Start-Up Playlyst Studios Is Disrupting The Podcast Industry

The survey predicted that by 2023 the number of podcast listeners will surpass 160 million, these numbers have helped the studio understand the current trends and is currently working on many projects that includes scripted podcasts, audio dramas, and the much anticipated Playlyst app which shows much promise and ambition. The app has found the attention of many venture capitalists internationally and locally but when speaking to Maveshan he noted that the app is fully funded and ready to launch soon.

No one is you, and that is the unique power you hold when it comes to podcasting. Yes, everyone can start a podcast…but no one will have your voice.Maveshan Chetty

It has been surveyed that more than $1.7 billion will be the ads spent by 2024. So, it looks like the podcast space keeps growing and will soon be on the same level of Netflix when it comes to streaming content.

The podcasts produced by Playlyst Studio tops the weekly charts on Itunes with a few going on to garner international recognition. This studio shows no signs of slowing down as they gear up for the launch of their app and more original podcasts there is much to look forward to from the South African based start-up.

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