Digital Design Agency ArtVersion is Creating Experiences in the Wake of Brand Authenticity

Digital Design Agency ArtVersion is Creating Experiences in the Wake of Brand Authenticity

In our modern day, postured against the backdrop of digital innovation at every corner, and immense information sharing in the virtual realm, the rhetoric of where innovation is headed next is regularly trumpeted in the digital design industry. Although industries are keen to keep their finger on the pulse of the digital world, Chicago-based digital design agency ArtVersion has kept its eye on something a little different that has been a catalyst to modernization: authenticity. Although these two ideas may sound like counterparts, the team has utilized this dichotomy to elevate their UI/UX designs, web design, mobile application interfaces, branding, and more. 

With its genesis—1999, and its overarching mission, designing user experiences, ArtVersion has been esteemed as one of the forerunners that led the torch for recognizing experiences as a discipline in the UI/UX industry. As veterans in the digital design world, ArtVersion has a litany of industries they have worked with, from SaaS Industries and manufacturing to education and non-profits, and lifestyle to healthcare, and that doesn’t cover all industries of all calibers that compose their extensive portfolio. This versatility has always had a center-focal point: creating authenticity for the clients they serve and upholding their promise to design experiences their clients can claim proud ownership of.  

For the creative agency, “authenticity” isn’t a buzzword that is used to punctuate their mission, but rather the core of every digital design they put out for their clients. With 87% of global users claiming that they prefer to work with a brand that propels authenticity over innovation, ArtVersion is highly attuned to helping brands further solidify their legacies with designs, messaging, and branding that is authentic to their ethos. 

In a time when authenticity has become heavily desired, many industries and brands are turning to experts for their knowledge on staying ahead of the curve in this ever-shifting landscape. Newer generations of consumers are placing authenticity at the top of their list when it comes to conversion decisions, particularly with the high influx of overly saturated branding platforms. ArtVersion- utilizing their decades of experience in everything that comes along with UI/UX design—including brand building, they’ve helped countless businesses reach new heights with their unique designs and solutions. And now, more than ever, companies need to solidify their position and keep up with the times while maintaining authenticity at each turn.

To truly alchemize clients’ vision with authenticity that will entice audiences, ArtVersion’s team of strategists, developers, and designers conduct extensive audience research to fully understand the targeted audience, and demographics, and how to align those with the digital product. Whether clients are seeking to launch a new product or enhance an existing one, user testing reveals insights that inform decision-making at all levels of the organization. From identifying untapped opportunities for growth to understanding what resonates most with your target demographic, conducting research on audiences has continuously provided the team with invaluable guidance in effectively reaching and engaging them.  

ArtVersion has long incorporated different design strategies and principles into their designs that also translate to their client needs—a primary one being human-centric design. The human-centric design places the user at the core of every design decision and direction. How then, can this be fundamental to brand authenticity? Users are more conscious of brands that claim to be “authentic” when used as a blanket statement and the modern-day user is unabashed about being vocal when they sense a fallacy of authenticity. A fundamental cornerstone of their strategies is implementing iterative design cycles to help companies and organizations become as authentic to their audience and their legacies. Although iterative workflows are a great tool that many industries rely on to enhance productivity, ArtVersion has long-embedded iterative methodologies to align every client’s vision with design progress. 

It is the intersection of human-centric design and iterative thinking that allows the team to become a creative extension of any client they work with. The team has often worked with stakeholders who are seeking an outside perspective to solidify their voice and visual identity. Whether up-and-coming startups or companies with an established history, ArtVersion has helped industries establish their authentic identity that fits with user preferences through research, and in turn, boosts conversions.   

Yet, as important as it is for ArtVersion to assist other companies with establishing an authentic identity, the team prides itself in being true to its roots in stabilizing authenticity as an independent digital design agency. The team has continuously challenged user experience with an experiential perspective that focuses on user emotions and overall enjoyment.  

Finding the right fit for a digital design agency is a tall task, thus partnering with one that will propel your brand story and visual representation with authenticity will elevate your business and organization in the long run. For ArtVersion, they continue to work with industries, whether Fortune 500, non-profit organizations, or startups, they further challenge the perception of digital innovation in the wake of authenticity.