VERSIONS®- Your Partner for UI/UX Designs

VERSIONS®- Your Partner for UI/UX Designs

VERSIONS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ArtVersion, a notable UI/UX design company based in Chicago. The goal of the agency is to help businesses of all sizes improve their design and interactivity by providing high-quality, effective, and affordable services. As the side brand to ArtVersion, a digital design agency, VERSIONS it’s the brand’s extended space for creativity, experimenting with styles, and offering a more insightful perspective on how the Chicago-based agency designs for organizations and brands all over the world. Their insights aim to shape how the UI/UX world is continuously shifting and delving into the important aspects of why user-centric approaches are key.

UI/UX designers are essential for any company that wants to succeed in the digital age. Forward-thinking startups are beginning to realize this and are taking user experience into account when designing their products. 

VERSIONS is a futuristic design agency that has been honored with numerous awards. VERSIONS is passionate about creating value for its clients. They take care of everything from developing features, iterating design directions, curating content, and ensuring the design is responsive and engaging.

VERSIONS has a pedigree of quality design. From website designs to user interface development, they understand the importance of creating a positive user experience for all users with accessibility, usability, and inclusivity at the forefront. That’s why they work closely with some of the top companies in various sectors, including FedEx, Hilton, Toyota, and more.

User interface design is responsible for composing the look and feel of a product or website to make it easy and intuitive for users to handle. The Inventions-based Approach to Design ensures that all of their designs are of high quality, no matter what type of project clients choose to work on.

VERSIONS has been a leading UI/UX design industry for many years, and its reputation for quality and professionalism is unrivaled. They have a large user and client base that have built connections with the agency and have built their online presence in the digital world to match every brand’s ethos with a superior design language. 

VERSIONS is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in its design work. Their team is passionate about creating beautiful and efficient designs, and they take pride in the results they achieve. This passion is reflected in every project they work on, from the first meeting to the final product.

VERSIONS have been known for its reliable and trusted design practices. Over the years, VERSIONS has received numerous awards including being named one of the “Best UI/UX Design Companies in America.”