Music as a tool to heal

Music as a tool to heal

We are surrounded by music all the time. Being on a bus, walking through the streets, being home or in nature, we can always have music with us. Spotify and a good music box can bring every music everywhere. Countless musicians, celebrities, composers, and producers like Benjy Grinberg are enriching the variation of music every day. 

Music accompanies us while we grow up. Being in the womb of a woman the baby can already hear the sound and music the mother exposes herself to. Parents sing songs for their newborn babies while teachers are teaching songs related to various topics to children and youths for an easier understanding of certain subjects. Later teenagers discover their taste in music that might change view times when they grow up. 

Music is with us at nearly every event. From a birthday, parties, church services, or public events on the street. Music will be there!

Music is a very important part of every society in the world because it is a way of how people identify, feel and, celebrate.

Music is also a tool to heal! 

Music for your soul

Sometimes we just don´t feel as motivated and happy as we think we should be. Our thoughts and emotions are taking over and make us feel tired, powerless, and filled with negative thoughts.

Nearly everybody says that listening to their favorite music helps them to get up when they feel down. The right music is like a balm for the soul. People listen to music while doing exercises to stay tuned, they listen to music to be more focused or listen to Music just to relax. 

In most cases Music has the power to motivate an individual, to activate their happiness and positivity.

Listening to your favorite music helps you to feel yourself, being comfortable and balanced.

Music for a positive mind

As mentioned before, music impacts our well-being all the time. When people feel down they listen to music and their mindset changes. It is not only a healing process for the soul, it also impacts the human mind. It reduces stress and anxiety.

There are times where we might feel overwhelmed with a certain situation or challenge and a way to reduce mental pain, stress or depression is with music. It can activate your mind and you will feel more positive and strong-minded.

Music for a better sleep

Many people have trouble with falling asleep or sleeping deeply. Music is a way that helps you to fall asleep better and calms your mind and soul. Music has a relaxing effect on humans and can help with anxieties, tension, or negative thoughts that hinder sleeping properly and deeply. A lot of people say that they listen to music before they sleep so they can relax better.

Music therapy

Music is used as a tool in various therapies. From mental and physical issues- it is applied in countless ways. 

There are common institutions and recovery centers where music therapy is an accepted therapy to reduce anxiety, pain, stress, depression, and other diseases. Music therapy shows a positive

result in reducing the previously mentioned symptoms. 

Music is also used in alternative medicine. Mostly known as sound healing experts use different instruments (e.g. Singing bowls) to treat people on a spiritual and energetic level.