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Let´s directly dive in: 

You have two job opportunities where each has its own characteristics. You can either work in a company full-time 40h a week, you have an employee-number, you have 15 min. break for coffee and 30 minutes for lunch. Your job will be to fill up replacement equipment. Your salary is fixed.

Or you can work in a start-up, you have flextime, you can design your own working space, you have regular meetings to reflect the work, the office has creative areas, there is an outside area to work, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. 

These are two very opposite pictures of work opportunities. The first one might seem cold, stressing and mentally challenging. The second one is more like a workplace of opportunities where your personality and characteristics play an important role.

What do you think in which scenario your efficiency is comparatively higher? Are you more motivated in a relaxed, warm creative surrounding or a strict planned schedule?

The second scenario seems very insecure in the view of the business owner. They cannot control the work process and time. For many bosses, it sounds more convincing to have a fixed and safe work surrounding because everything will be stable. This is one way how a business can see it. Doing this means at the same time that there cannot be much growth and change or development because it is very strict and stable.

Giving more possibilities and freedom to the staff, the company might lose control but at the same time, there are huge chances, possibilities, and new ways to evolve the business. 

Generally, we can say that the employee’s satisfaction and appreciation form the success of a company. You can already see this on yourself. When you do something you really like, in a good environment without the stress and hustle your will to work harder and more is high. You´re interested and your motivation is high. It means your efficiency is high. You are willing to work, you will not make many mistakes and you still have the energy for more.

This is the same in a company. When the staff is feeling good and happy about what they do, if they feel that they are needed, that they are doing a good job, they are willing to give more. 

In otherwise, when you already worked 40h and don´t even get recognized, your motivation to give more to this company will be low. 

Having a human environment in a company will always bring benefits. On the first day, it might seem that the employees just hang around and have fun but trust me, the next day they will work even harder and increase the efficiency a lot because they feel satisfied with what and how they work. 

As a boss of a company, you have a massive impact on the mood that exists in the business´s

daily life. You are the boss and without all your staff, you have no chance. Your employees are the fundament of the company’s success. An example of employee appreciation is employee awards like a custom trophy or similar attentions that you can give to your staff. So, try to find ways to make an environment that creates appreciation and satisfaction for the employees and they will pay back with their good work.

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