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How to make more than $100 A Day Working Online

How to make more than $100 A Day Working Online

How to make more than $100 A Day Working Online

The title sounds insane, right? It might be a scam or fraud where somebody tries to get your money. Maybe it is an offer where a person offers you a writing job if you sign up for a membership where you have to pay as well… Reading things like this makes us suspicious in the first second because it sounds too good. That’s how we humans work! When something looks very good, we first think of the side-effects or frauds which are hidden behind this good offer. It´s logical that we become suspicious, but sometimes we have to believe, research more, and understand that some good news is good news!

Well, let me tell you how I make $100 a day working online without any weird compromises.

I have three main ways how I work online: Affiliate Marketing, Freelance Writing, and Writing Sponsored Interviews. I will tell you more about it soon!

First, how did I get started?

I was working full-time in a job, nothing special to be honest and I felt like being in the wheal of just waiting for the next holiday. On Monday, you think of finishing work on Friday. I started to look out for alternatives. Working only part-time? But where? And how should I manage my expenses when my salary goes down… Many questions and a lot of insecurity.

One day a friend told me to me read more about entrepreneurship because it is becoming easy and popular nowadays. I started to read and do researches in various magazines. Of course, I was suspicious too. How should this all work?

One day I realized, if I don’t try I will never know if it could work. So, nervous and also excited I started planning everything out. Creating my website, finding my niche becoming confident about what I want to achieve.

And here I am today: Working online I can make a living without living from one weekend to another.

Let´s get back to the three ways how I make money online:

Affiliate Marketing is a growing sector, where companies have affiliates who promote their product or service and they get commissioned for every sale which comes through them. So, on my website, I advertise a company’s program and for every sale, they make through my website I get a commission. This might not be a fixed amount of money every day. Some days I don’t have any sale and on other, there are more. So, it might be difficult to publish a detailed analysis of daily income.

Freelance writing is probably the most common way to make money online. In my case, I work on Fiverr, where I offer writing articles about various subjects and magazines. Right now, I can make around $40 per article I write. Of course, this might not be for everyone! But for me, it is a great way because I love writing and already have a lot of experience in content writing.

The third way I make money online is through my own website. I have a website about business and entrepreneurship, where I publish paid Interviews of various entrepreneurs. The price range for an interview goes from $100-200 dollar depending on various aspects.

I hope that my explanation about how I make money online and my personal experiences help every newbie to understand more about working online. Everybody who is new to this subject might be uncertain and I hope writing about myself can help you to become more confident about start working online to make money.

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