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How I made $2000 working from home

How I made $2000 working from home, Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley Time

The 2020 pandemic has taught numerous life lessons to individuals. People all around the world had to stay home even if they didn’t have money. You must have experienced that situation, it’s horrible. Not being able to go work for a job or have savings that could have helped during the pandemic is awful. The situation is on the run and after a year millions of people are still affected.

I went through the same situation. 

I was home without any income. I tried my best to read numerous magazines, online blogs that could help me to start making some income from home.

But, no! 

Reading blogs has definitely helped me to gain information but it was hard to start my own project. One of the easy ways it seems to make money on the internet is by blogging. But as a beginner; also having read numerous posts on starting the blog, I had hesitations. I thought it would not work for me, cause I had never done it before and I couldn’t visualize myself starting a website/ blog.

I realized having information is not enough, I need someone who can guide me step by step.

This is when one of my friends recommended an online course. 

The course had more than 750 reviews and the cost was only $32.

For me, this $32 was one of the best investments I had ever made.

And truly seeing more than 750 people who had written good reviews about the course gave me a boost and made me feel I can do it too.

Here’s the link of the course for you.

Build a professional website with WordPress

If you are really looking for a way to make money this course will help you. 

Reading this post and another article to make money will do nothing: Unless you start and keep feeding yourself with information.

After finishing this course, I was able to build my own website from scratch.

See, after reading hundreds of websites on how to make money, one thing was always common and the top priority. And that was starting a blog or having a website. So, I knew that if I want to start making money, I need to have my own website. 

I named my first website “Think 7 Figures”.

And as soon as I started making money from this website, I wanted to double the earnings.

With the online course, I knew how to build my professional website. And making Think 7 Figures, I got more confident and felt super easy to build another.

Right now I own multiple websites that are making daily income for me. Here are my websites:

I am telling you again, this $32 was one of the best investments for me and it will be for you as well.

If you don’t like the course, they have a 30 days money-back guarantee and you will have unlimited access to the course any time and from anywhere.

So, you might be wondering how I made $2000.

When you have a website or blog, you can monetize in various ways.

For me, one of the best sources is sponsored posts.

I have also monetized the websites with Google ads, affiliate marketing, and do freelancing. 

Right now I have been able to work from any part of the world and at my desired timetable. 

I am also building this magazine “ Silicon Valley Time” to become one of the world’s largest media publications. And let me tell you that all this happens because of a $32 online course.

Don’t hold back, buy the course today and start working on your own website.

If you need any help, reach out to me!!

Hi, I’m Sujan Pariyar running multiple websites or you can call them BLOGS. If you need help creating similar site or in any niche and make money from home, feel free to contact me.
Check out my site:
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I also contribute articles on various international publications. Check out some of my work:
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