Exclusive Interview With Rahul Karan Sharma, Author of Habits4MIRACLES

Exclusive Interview With Rahul Karan Sharma, Author of Habits4MIRACLES

There are two things that are part of every successful individual – Books and Habits. Those who aspire to grow their knowledge and set their sight with commitment to achieve their goal, are always ahead of others. These two pillars (Books & Habits) are the source of success, help expand the horizon, bring new perspectives, and make dreams a reality. 

Meet Rahul Karan Sharma, author of Habits4MIRACLES. He is an excellent example of how a change in habits and mindset lead to a fulfilling, successful, happy, and abundant life. He has put together his wealth of experience and strategies that he has learned along the way. His book provides all the proven secrets of becoming unstoppable and tools to create positive transformation and become the better version of yourselves. 

Rahul’s book serves as a powerful tool to unlock the untapped potential within every individual, offering a roadmap to cultivating a winning mindset and achieving success.

Today we are excited to welcome Rahul Karan Sharma to our media and know more about his life and work.

Hello Rahul, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up being an author?

Originally from the beautiful city of Ujjain, India, I have always had a passion for personal growth and self-improvement. This led me to pursue an MBA in Human Resources from Pune University and a Master’s degree in Organization Development from Bowling Green State University.

With over two decades of experience in the business world, I am a certified public speaker, organization development expert, facilitator, coach, and author. Throughout my career, I have met countless individuals who struggle to reach their full potential due to their habits, and I can relate to their struggles.

I firmly believe that our daily intentional habits shape our lives and can lead to greatness if we adopt positive ones. To provide people with the tools to break free from bad habits, fast-track their personal growth, and manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams, I authored the book Habits4MIRACLES. This powerful resource empowers readers, helps them overcome obstacles, unlocks their fullest potential, and cultivates positive habits.

Exclusive Interview With Rahul Karan Sharma, Author of Habits4MIRACLES
Rahul Karan Sharma

What sets your book apart from others?

Well, instead of focusing solely on the negative habits that need to be eliminated, I take a more positive approach by highlighting the habits that should be adopted to achieve success. Through my book, I aim to inspire readers with new ideas and encourage them to find healthier and more positive ways of accomplishing their goals. By showcasing the importance of implementing positive habits in daily life, readers can gain the confidence needed to make real change and experience true success.

Why do you think people should read Habits4MIRACLES?

Habits4MIRACLES can become a personal coach for people who are looking to excel their life towards excellence. The book is not just theory, but a culmination of tried and tested methods that have yielded fantastic results in my own life and career.

Habits4MIRACLES readers can expand their knowledge and improve their lives. It’s especially beneficial for those feeling lost, as it provides a sense of purpose and direction towards achieving their goals.

Can you please share how our readers can attract positivity and success in their life?

Our thoughts are powerful and can shape our reality. Many people fail to understand this principle and never apply it in their lives. It is essential to know that our thoughts are connected to the universal energy, and when we focus on positive thoughts, we can manifest our desires quickly.To bring positivity into our lives, it’s important to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that hold us back, and instead cultivate a positive mindset that fuels us towards success. By taking action towards doing the right things, we can attract positivity into our lives. In summary, the key to success is to focus on positivity, maintain a positive outlook on life, and take action towards achieving our goals.

It was great interviewing Rahul and getting more information about his life and book. The book is available on Amazon, get your copy today: https://www.amazon.com/Habits4MIRACLES-Design-Your-Life-Way-ebook/dp/B0C2KTR55B