Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Every successful person has an inspiring story that motivates new entrepreneurs. Meet Jack Dorsey who once thought to give up the tech world and pursue fashion designing. Today he is one of the top tech influencers with the networth of $13 Billion. 44 year old Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of mobile payment company SQUARE and the founder of Twitter, which is popular for real time status updates.

Like every business there has been high and lows for Jack as well. Before launching Twitter, he had an exit strategy. Previously he was fired from his own startup which deals with dispatching taxes and courier services.

Recently, Jack Dorsey has set up his own bitcoin node. Launching his own “Node” he aims to validate transactions and block on the network.

Jack Dorsey’s twitter has now over 330 monthly users worldwide, from top celebrities, tech disruptors like Elon Musk, politicians and normal people. They are constantly banning the accounts of an individual whose content doesn’t share real news or influence people in a bad way. They try to prevent fake and hate news, as well as racism. They delete posts which are not appropriate and try to create a platform for all kinds of users without sharing hatred and fake information.

Previously Jack Dorsey was a coder at Odea. This company was a brilliant idea and was allowing users to create and share podcasts online. But the following year apple introduced its own podcasting platform which shadowed Odea.

Entrepreneurs have numerous great ideas but patience is one of the habits that will help them achieve the success they desire. Most of the successful entrepreneurs, we can count on, are a great example that anyone can achieve anything they desire. Like Jack Dorsey there are millions of other people who are giving their best and moving forward turning their failures in success.

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