How Persnickety Box App Founder Chari Pack is Revolutionizing Photo Printing in The Tech Space.

How Persnickety Box App Founder Chari Pack is Revolutionizing Photo Printing in The Tech Space.

Chari Pack, founder and CEO of the innovative brand Pernickety Prints has created a space for herself within the tech world through the creation of Persnickety Box, an app that lets you pick and choose your favorite digital photos and print them into beautiful photographs. This app allows all individuals to access this high-tech practice and brings more security into the world of memory building. 

Persnickety Prints solved the headaches that many scrapbookers and arts and crafts lovers experienced when it launched back in 2010. Pack, an avid scrapbooker, was frustrated by the high price to print digital photos, the lack of quality and the minimal amount of safe-keeping that smartphone photo galleries offer. While raising three boys, she wanted her dear memories to be safe, and truly last forever. 

She saw a need in the scrapbooking community and was determined to fix it. Pernickety Prints offers beautiful, high-quality prints that are available at the low price of $1.99 a print – a constant prince since the beginning. These prints also solve the problem of overcrowded phone storage and make these memories more accessible everyday. “Printed photos take us out of a possible digital dark age; we are not backing photos or we are trusting social media accounts to store them or they compress the quality of them.” Pack is passionate about her company and continues to be there for the other photographers and individuals who care deeply about memory keeping. 

After surveying multiple customers, she found that the photographs needed to be easily transferred from phone to print. Her amazing app, Pernickety Box, is the answer to this issue. Finding inspiration from the beloved app Tinder, Pack utilized the famous swiping motion to make transferring photos sweat free and easy. After swiping up to 30 images, an eco-friendly keepsake box is delivered to your door filled with unique prints, for only $19.99 a month. There are endless possibilities with what you can do with these prints, but with Chari’s skill for quality, anything you create will be guaranteed to last. 

Chari is a successful woman in tech, and one that is determined to continue growing her company. She had to go through many different challenges to get her feet in the door. By repeatedly explaining her vision and why this product was needed, she found people who believed in her and built her company up from this inspiration. She finds the push to continue through the want for success within a “mans world” and continues to surprise us with her unique and purposeful ideas.