Saad Alsogair- Author of Your Idea, Their Money

Saad Alsogair- Author of Your Idea, Their Money

For small businesses, entrepreneurs don’t require investors’ support. But if an individual is planning to make a big impact, investors’ help is necessary. Most of the innovative and revolutionary products that we use are often funded by multiple investors. 

Enter Saad Alsogair, an angel investor, mentor, advisor, and author of Your Idea, Their Money. What’s impressive about Saad is that he has participated in over 400 plus early-stage startups including Dollar Shave Club, Clam, Ripple, and Grove Collaborative. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen don’t know how to craft a perfect pitch deck and submit the drafts which hurt their credibility and trust for the project. This is where Saad’s expertise comes to play a vital role in getting the investor’s attention and making the pitch undeniable. 

Your Idea, Their Money – The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Closing Rounds is one of the most-read books for people who are in business. Whether you are in an early stage or have successfully run the company for a few years, the book has ideas & tips that will help to get your business to the next milestone. 

The problem in many new businesses is that their idea for a product or service is brilliant but they don’t master the communication & marketing skills. One of the easy ways to get investors’ attention for the business is to have good sales. Investors don’t want to put their money in a dying horse. Investors are there to grow their money & always looking for people who know how to maximize the return. 

Focus on hiring a professional team for your business. Doing so will ensure company success and give confidence to investors that the fund is in the right hands.- Saad Alsogair

Before planning to get an investment, you need to make a list of investors that are perfect for your business. There are investors in every industry and pitching your idea in the wrong niche can get your proposal rejected. That is why it’s crucial to know who your ideal investor is, where they have recently funded, how much and often they invest. Researching these facts will help you to be steps ahead of the others.

Saad mentioned, “Even during the early stage Investors will fund your business if you are completely transparent”. There are numerous wantrepreneurs who desire to own a big business within a short period and start a company that they are not passionate about. And investors will be able to see that the individual doesn’t care about the business but their money. The simplest way to get the business started, run successfully, and acquire the required funding is to love what you do. When people understand the reason behind your business and find a connection with the story, investors will be eager to fund and introduce you to their networks.