Elton Hollis Helping Businesses To Grow With Golden Triangle Industrial Group

Elton Hollis Helping Businesses To Grow With Golden Triangle Industrial Group

To build a successful company there are numerous things that have to be planned and strategically managed. Running a business is easy for those who have mentors/agencies taking care of sales & marketing. But for amateur entrepreneurs it can be overwhelming to handle everything by themselves. Running a company is not a one-man job, it requires professional & experienced employees who can effortlessly handle their respective departments. 

Elton Hollis, Owner of Hol-Tech Resources, LLC, General manager of RT Technical Solutions LLC, and Co-founder of Golden Triangle Industrial Group. He is known for his expertise in growing a company by professional team management. With his advice and consulting numerous businesses have been able to increase sales, build quality, innovate and provide safety. He believes in long-term sustainable business performance. What’s impressive about Elton is his dedication and commitment to help local and international businesses achieve the desired result with proven marketing campaigns, high-performance team building, strategic planning, training programs, and more.  

Elton Hollis
Because of his astounding work in growing businesses, Silicon Valley Times has recognized him as one of The Top 100 Entrepreneurs. 

Today we’re thrilled to welcome Elton to our media and share his expertise with our readers. 

Hello Elton, please tell us about you & your business to our audience.

Elton Hollis: Thank you for your invitation, I’m happy to be in your media and share my story. I was born in Texas and my journey of business started from there. At an early age, I learned about the oil and gas industry where my grandfather and father were involved. They were the most influential people in my life, and I’m blessed to learn unique business and life lessons from them. 

I have over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. During this period I got to handle different departments and became an expert at it. I have worked with numerous small business industries to industrial and commercial enterprises. With my current businesses, I am passing my knowledge to new business owners so that they can build successful companies.

What do you think it requires to run a successful business?

Elton Hollis: To run a successful business requires discipline and organizational skills. One of the mistakes many new entrepreneurs or business owners make while running a company is that they try to save business funds and hire untrained employees. At the beginning of a startup, most business owners don’t know how to sell and keep the customers coming. And working with inexperienced staff does more damage to the business than making a return on the investment.

To be successful in any field there needs to be analytical thinking, proper record keeping, and execution of planned strategies. The success of a business is also determined by innovation in service. If the customer is provided excellent service, it gets easier to generate organic sales and have loyal customers. 

There are numerous other things that are important in running a successful business. Here are the 3 things that can help:


Business requires attention and needs to be properly organized. A business owner must prioritize the daily task and start with the difficult & must finish-projects. 

Know your skill

Being a business owner doesn’t mean the person knows everything about the industry. A business person must give tasks to staff who can handle things better. A founder knows the value & mission of the company more than others, so sharing the ideas with potential investors and finding business partners will be more beneficial than doing things that could be handled by employees.

Have details

When a person runs a company he or she must know the details related to sales, profit, loss, staff salary, advertisement cost, and more. This way a business owner can suggest changes so that the company makes a profit and serves large audiences.

Elton Hollis
Elton Hollis

Do you think personal habits also help in building a successful business? If yes, can you please share some tips with our audience?

Elton Hollis: Personal habits play an important role in building a business. Successful entrepreneurs or business owners always have a specific routine that they follow to reach their goals. The foundation for a successful career, relationship, studies, and more are the right habits followed with discipline. Here are some of the tips for new business owners:


In today’s world, there are thousands of businesses trying to sell similar products. To stand out and differentiate oneself , a company owner must share the honest reasons for founding the business and what the service does. Successful business owners are honest about their products and don’t lie to make a sale. This is one of the habits that help them to connect with customers personally.

Enjoy challenge 

Entrepreneurship and businesses are built on challenges. Successful people love challenges and take calculated risks. Creating something new and willingness to think out of the box are some things they have adapted as a habit. 


Successful people master the ways to balance work and life. For new entrepreneurs, life is all about hustle and grinding. But successful people work smart and find time to nourish themselves. For them, a strong mind & health is a way to build a thriving business. They focus on regular exercises, eating healthy food, spending time with family, taking regular holidays, connecting with nature, and more. 

It was amazing to get some important tips from Elton for our readers. If you have any questions or need help to grow your business, feel free to reach out to him via his official LinkedIn.