Brian Cristiano

Brian Cristiano

While talking about financial freedom, people often hear people saying I wish I had a business. But they never put themselves forward to invest because it might be risky. Because of the assumption of failure, people grind their whole life-building dreams of others. It’s important to break the wall of a fixed mindset and encourage individuals to chase their passion. Anyone can build a thriving business at any point in time once they are able to find clarity, build focus, and tap into proven actionable resources. 

Meet Brian Cristiano, who helped thousands of individuals and businesses to thrive by being their coach or advisor. He is the founder and CEO of BOLD Worldwide, business strategist to Fortune 500’s and Celebrities, CEO coach, and keynote speaker. 

Brian Cristiano was featured on Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, and many more, because of his unique success, passion, and talent of teaching exclusive techniques, methods, and strategies about successful entrepreneurship. His expertise and guidance take people to the next level by scaling their business and living their life the fullest.

What do you think is the reason people are not being successful at what they do?

Not taking the action! There are few people who risk and pursue their passion. To be successful in life there is no requirement to be in the business industry. Anyone can achieve their feeling of success in any field of work when it’s connected to them. Numerous people hate their job but are afraid to leave the company. And others are even scared to take holidays for their wellness. Now, you can find many freelancers who are more successful and happy than high corporate CEOs working for a brand they don’t resonate with.

Taking action helps individuals to understand their strengths. People need to understand dreaming doesn’t get the work done. If you want something in life, you need to take action. Build a roadmap toward your goal, visualize the achievement, and put massive strategic actions. 

If someone has a product or service but is having trouble making sales. What advice would you like to share with them?

Many new entrepreneurs and business owners try desperately to sell something they created. This is the number one mistake they are making. The Sales process is easy once you know there is a need. If your products are bringing positive changes in customers’ problems, the business doesn’t even have to spend money on advertisement. All the promotional and recommendation work is done by the buyers.

If you are targeting to acquire new customers make sure that the clients don’t feel forced to buy. The potential buyer becomes eager to make purchases once you understand and implement the selling process. In the sales process, you need to put the business behind and bring out the personal branding forward. When people know you as a person with expertise in a certain field and your social media or podcast has impacted their lives in any way possible, your business gets flooded with customers.

Running a million-dollar agency might be tough. What do you think of work-life balance?

Let me be honest with you, because I am able to balance my work life it has helped me to build a multi-million dollar agency. Many people think hustling and grinding are the way to become successful. Top founders and CEOs often share their burnout stories with me. Because of which they are not able to focus on their work and maximize the business growth. In entrepreneurship or business, a clear, focused, and enthusiastic mind is the key to creating the right strategies that work. Pushing yourselves day and night is not the solution, executing effective plans that are created without stress bring more results in comparison. 

One of the strengths of mine is to quickly understand what’s holding me back. Self-consciousness has helped me to become the best version of myself and do the same for the business. I prioritize the hardest things first at my work and never allow myself to get distracted until it’s done. Eating the right food, regular exercise, hiking and traveling are some of the things that I do to rejuvenate my energy. I love the work that I do, but I have the rule to never overdose, so it can’t affect me mentally. This is what I often share in events with new entrepreneurs that “be passionate about what you do but do not overplay causing health issues. Stop being hard on yourselves!”