Shay and Jice standing

Shay and Jice standing

We read about numerous initiatives that promote Black Lives Matter or awareness to reduce racial injustice. After joining these movements via social media or in any other form, we often ask ourselves, what next? One of the sustainable ways of helping the Black community is to provide equal platforms & promotions to black-owned businesses. The change is coming that can make a better world and everyone can live in harmony and respect. For these, we need to shift our mentality and encourage the spending power in the right product/ service and not in prejudged businesses. When we overcome this kind of discrimination, we will be acknowledging the hard work of Black people as well as contributing to making an impact.

Few people in the Black community are breaking the barrier and making their way to success. Numerous people depend on the scholarship/ grant or some sort of help to uplift them but few create a life they desire by themselves. Here are the TWO women changing the game for black business and Black-owned media.

Shay and Jice standing
Shay and Jice

Jice Johnson

Jice Johnson is the founder of Black Business Initiative.

From the humble beginning to being U.S Army Veteran, Jice Johnson has seen and experienced it all. Being a 2019 BDJ 40 under 40 winner and helping thousands of people as a speaker and coach, she has earned the recognition of successful women in business. People look up to her and various international media frequently feature her inspiring story to their audiences. 

With Black Business Initiative, Jice helps numerous black business owners to create thriving businesses. She also conducts workshops, training, events and provides free of charge courses to motivate entrepreneurs.  

Shay J

Shay J, the author of “12 Affirmations To Shift Your Life in 1 Year,” changes the narrative to amplify our voices. A certified “Eric Thomas” speaker, host, and motivator out of Denver, Colorado, and a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York. From politicians to athletes to local leaders, she has interviewed everyone, broadcast on the country’s largest networks. Her special-edition interviews have been game-changers, deeming her the “Interview Guru.” As the founder of CTN Media and Creative Director for the Black Business Initiative, Shay works hard to ensure her actions speak as loudly as her words. Cultivating a career that lifts under-represented voices, she continues to be a force her community can trust and depend on while CO-chairing boards like MACM and impacting the NAACP Denver as the Communication chair. Shay J’s local and national presence is equally creating a powerful narrative. Learn more about her impact, and

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