Overflow.co Disrupting The Stock And Crypto Donation Platform

Overflow.co Disrupting The Stock And Crypto Donation Platform

Many tech companies are prioritizing cryptocurrencies to raise funds rather than cash. Not only in business but an adaptation of cryptocurrencies is also benefiting the financial situation of many countries.

Recently the Ukrainian government raised more than $55 million in various cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more) to strengthen the military force. More than 102,000 people from around the world made donations in Crypto. This shows the huge importance of digital currency and displays how fast the impact can be made. As of today, Ukraine has received close to 100M in crypto donations.

Right now one of the best ways to support NGOs, churches, individuals, and more is cryptocurrency. Overflow is a pioneer in raising funds through stock and crypto. Because of the platform, many organizations or corporations are able to get high-value donations and risk-free transactions within a few clicks.

In the new technological era, having a platform like Overflow is significant. Many people around the world aren’t aware of the importance of stock. For such individuals, supporting a stock can be life-changing.  

Stock donation helps underprivileged people to own some part of an associated company, which brings them a different perspective of getting help and becoming self-sustainable. 

Donation in cash afterwhile loses value but with stock needy people can be part of long term success. The richest people in the world have most of their assets like stock. They regularly monitor the growth, buy more and hold for a long period. 

Overflow’s revolutionary idea is reinventing how the world gives. The company is on a mission to make generosity frictionless across every major asset class. When an individual receives a donation with crypto, the value of it can’t be diluted by the government or have any effect on inflation. Because of the current inflation and insecurity as well as lack of financial infrastructure such as Bank accounts, ATMs, etc. changing the way of donations can better the situation of many people in the long term.

Cryptocurrency is reliable for people who want to become financially stable. Because of the limited supply and restriction by mathematical algorithms, it’s impossible to be influenced by any sources.

Crypto and stocks as a donation are game changers. There is no doubt that the future of currency is digital and using it to make donations now is making a way for real change. Similar to the stock, cash will help people today but with stock, it will support today, tomorrow, and the time ahead.