Since the pandemic, more spaces are left empty which resulted in a major finance loss. Company like Filmplace opens new doors for more opportunity by allowing these spaces to be turned into film set where brands and content creators can utilize for their commercials, videos, photos.

Additionally, a tighter restrictions and headcount controls have been limited to the production set, causing film studios to turn towards cheaper alternatives until the market becomes stable again. A tighter restriction means an increase in safety distancing measures being enforced despite the ban slowly being lifted. In comparison to pre-covid where film sets are noisy and bustling with activity, it has now reduced significantly with only the relevant people allowed on set. The reduction in demand for large capacity studios has placed pressure on the many privately-owned facilities and the expert workforces that support it.

Moreover, to produce a more authentic setting, content creators are now looking out for shoot location away from the soundstages or makeshift settings. No doubt there is no benefit featuring a dull, boring run-down flat, however, certain shoots reflect the context of the story and brings out its creativity, giving the audience a strong visual to relate to. Ultimately, posing a demand for private housing as ideal locations.

To capitalize on this demand, Filmplace forms that bridge between content creators and location owners.  

So then, what is Filmplace? Founded by Lincoln Lin, it is a global platform founded in Singapore, allowing owners to monetize their private residence, restaurants or even office location, by renting it out as filming locations. To give you a brief idea, on average owners can expect to earn US $400 – $1500 from a 10-hours shoot. Unlike renting for accommodation where it cost about $40 – $80 per night, one can typically earn $750 per 10-hours on Filmplace. With listings from over 18 countries since establishment in 2019.

With the relatively low barrier to entry, Filmplace give students and those who are new to the creative industry a leverage on seeking connections for filming locations. Such support also includes assisting content creators to scout for their ideal location, a dispute management system to file their grievances or disagreements, and a 24/7 chat system for any request or emergency assistance.

Platform like Filmplace really change the landscape of the creative industry not just for the filmmakers, but influencers and companies looking to produce their own content too.


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