Muhammad Bilal Aftab, The Entrepreneur on Rise

Muhammad Bilal Aftab, The Entrepreneur on Rise

It takes a lot of courage, commitment & determination to become an entrepreneur. You have to be passionate about what you do and have an excellent idea for a product or service. You also need to be organized and have the discipline to keep your business going in the long term.

Meet Muhammad Bilal Aftab, one of the excellent examples of an entrepreneur who has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs and he is also another Pakistani entrepreneur among the top 5 Amazon sellers in the UK & Europe. He is a successful & innovative entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the online marketplaces.

He is the CEO of Trends UK & Xii Group and has been honored as one of The Top 250 Asian Entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. What’s impressive about Muhammad is that he is also Amazon Brand Partner, which includes Umi, Amazon Basic, and Pinzon, and remained excellent.

The Trends UK & Xii Group is among the Top 5 Sellers on Amazon UK & Europe.

His model of business diversification appears to be the fulcrum under which this young business inventor has a competitive edge. Already his private nursery business, RCM has been branded as among the “Top 10 Recommended Mid-Size Nurseries in the UK.”

Muhammad is also a highly educated personality who has MSc. in computing & information systems. Along with that, he has a Master’s degree in Leadership & Strategic Management and MBA in Finance.

With his extreme understanding and scientific approach to business, he creates proven strategies that make a company profitable. He is a business expert, and his knowledge and expertise shine through in his work. He always puts his clients first and takes pride in his ability to help others achieve their goals. 

Muhammad Bilal Aftab
Muhammad Bilal Aftab

Muhammad mentioned “As an entrepreneur, you need to find a niche in which to focus your energy and succeed. This can be done by studying different businesses and industries and then starting your own company that falls into that category. By focusing on a specific area of business, you can make sure that your startup is profitable as well as grow quickly. Additionally, take on challenges that will test and challenge you – this will help you stay motivated and continue building a successful business”.

He has a long history of building multiple 7 figures companies. Because of Muhammad’s clear vision and skills to execute those ideas successfully, he has flipped multiple digital assets. 

Until today his success shows in various client companies. In 2019 three companies that he worked with achieved over $20M, while this year 4 of his clients are expected to make nearly $28M. 

He set the goals and objectives, researched, and followed through with the plans. He has a lot of experience in the business world and can quickly learn new things. He also has a lot of patience, which is beneficial when trying to make deals or negotiate. All of these qualities make him a great asset to any business.

Another key element that has made Muhammad successful as a serial entrepreneur is being able to work together with other people. He believes that having an effective team will help to achieve the goals and get support throughout the process.

In business, Muhammad identifies and solves problems that customers are facing. This has helped him to come out with a product that provides the right solution. Creating value for the customer and their satisfaction is always his priority.

Muhammad says “To achieve the success you desire as an entrepreneur, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what you want and how you can achieve it. This includes knowing your customer base and identifying your key markets. Additionally, it’s important to stay organized and on top of your deadlines so that you don’t miss any opportunities – this will help you stay afloat during tough times”. 

With many years of experience, Muhammad has become a technology expert and has developed his skills to a level that makes him one of the most respected members of his community. His success has earned him more respect among his peers, and he is known as a valuable asset to any organization.