In Conversation with Global Bestselling Author Melissa Reaves

In Conversation with Global Bestselling Author Melissa Reaves

Melissa Reaves is a woman who wears many hats – professional and award-winning storyteller, coach, actor and improviser, workshop coordinator and teacher, and now also, author. She has taken the business world by storm, helping countless top executives and CEO’s take their own crack at storytelling and let their stories lead with impact.

Recently, we were able to speak with Melissa about her new book and how her life shaped her to shape the business world so powerfully.

Can you describe your childhood growing up? How did that shape you into being the powerful professional you are today?

I am the youngest of three daughters by a long shot, and no, I wasn’t a surprise baby. I knew at 6, I was quick witted because I could make my entire family laugh while we cracked jokes to any comedy, we watched together around the tv. At seven I was trying to convince my dad to get me a doll, and he said “Missy, you need to go into sales.” I asked why and he said, “Because you don’t hear the word ‘no’!”

However, by nine the acting bug had latched on, and I was getting cast in all the leads in school and knew that I wanted to be an actor. However, my parents and grandparents saw a budding leader in me. My father was in Sales & Marketing with an MBA from Harvard, so he valued his career—and worried that I’d starve as an actor and saw it as “a hobby” not a stable career. But I cannot deny my love for acting—so to appease my parents, I’d sell print advertising by day—but I’d be in theaters most nights living my passion. But then life got busy. Marriage, kids, home owning, and I was the breadwinner—and I had to let acting go. I was sad about it deep down. If I wasn’t an actor, who was I?

SO, at 53 years of age, when I created Story Fruition, it combined ALL my talents and skills: Sales, Management, Marketing, Start-up, Technology & Data experience AND my improv/acting together! I have a rare combination—and it’s nice to know I can use them all day, every day and earn my living with great joy.

Your new book, The Storyteller’s Mind Movie, is out now. With all that you do in your day-to-day, where did you fit in the time to create this book? Was it ever difficult to put all your knowledge to pen and paper?

I allowed the book to come out when it wanted—but I found that if I left my home and went to a coffee house, I’d get a surge of writing flow. So, The Storyteller’s Mind Movie spent time in many coffee houses and restaurants throughout Seattle and even San Diego.

Storytelling is something you are very passionate about. What are the top three reasons everybody should learn to create their own captivating story?

Your stories are your pearls of wisdom that you can share with others to help them grow. They matter because you matter. And when you have a library of well-crafted stories, you’ll shine in any meeting or

media interview because you’re so damn interesting and magnetic!

Who is your role model in life?

My dad taught me business and “Pay yourself first,” and “Inch by inch is a cinch, but by the yard is hard.” And my hilarious Mother taught me kindness and my love for cooking and home decorating. They were a wonderful couple, and they make regular appearances in my own storytelling. I can do their voices well!

Do you see yourself authoring more books in the future? What can followers expect from you?

Yes, and we do have the companion journal and audio coming out—so The Storyteller’s Mind Movie series still has more to come. I wouldn’t be surprised if another book wanted to bust out of me. I believe I’m a channel of ideas—I do it verbally and visually—so if me and the keyboard have another adventure together, I’ll embrace it. It’s an amazing journey to author a book that empowers more lives!

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