Cory Rosenthal - Top Young Entrepreneur to Follow in 2022

Cory Rosenthal - Top Young Entrepreneur to Follow in 2022

A fitness expert can teach you how to make the most of your exercise time, and also gives you tips for staying healthy and fit. Not only that, but an expert can also help with dieting, providing information about snacks that will help you lose weight, and more.

If you’re looking to improve your fitness routine, you need an expert on hand. That’s where Cory Rosenthal comes in. He is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and founder of Rose Fitness and Gym Hazrd (a premium athletic wear brand that ranges from ultra-soft and light clothing to heavy durable cotton pump covers). 

The 21-year-old entrepreneur seems quite determined to change the gym influencer as well as the sportswear industry. Rosenthal is at the top of his game and shows no signs of slowing down. 

He has set an example that anyone with a passion can build a thriving business regardless of gender, age, and background. His story of success is an inspiration for every entrepreneur. Because of his astonishing work, Silicon Valley Times named Cory Rosenthal one of the Top Young Entrepreneur To Follow in 2022.

To be successful in fitness, it’s important to know the basics first. This includes understanding how muscles function and how exercise can help improve overall health and well-being. Additionally, it’s important to choose an effective exercise program that fits your specific needs and goals – do not try too much or too little at once.

Rosenthal‘s workouts have shown creativity in his unique style, which has been seen on his Tiktok and Instagram channels. His workouts are designed to improve physical conditioning and mental toughness. Rosenthal has a proven track record in the fitness industry, with millions of views across his social media platforms.

Rosenthal’s main goal as he states is “I want to become the new era of fitness; I want to open the door in the fitness industry. Many young kids grow up thinking they have to do 100 pushups a day or follow a push-pull legs guide, that is not the case and unfortunately, many kids get bored of following these tactics”.

Cory’s recent Gym Hazrd launch was a huge success, with many people and influencers coming to experience the products for themselves. The company is looking to make even more inroads into the world of sports by partnering up with even more influential and talented individuals.

This brand continues to come up with innovative ideas as Rosenthal explains, “It’s just like anything else. You need to find a new way to market, a way that no one has seen and show off your brand’s creativity ultimately setting your brand apart”.

Rosenthal states that in the near future, “We are a brand that has hundreds of ideas plotted out that will set us up for the future. We have a ton of athletes on board, we have a well-developed team and plan, and we are going to change the fitness apparel brand”.