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The Holistic Painless Waxing Innovation the world was awaiting is here!

The Holistic Painless Waxing Innovation the world was awaiting is here!

The Holistic Painless Waxing Innovation the world was awaiting is here!

Ever dreamed of painless waxing options? It is here! So many people all over the world feel the uncomfortable pain while removing body hair, and everybody wishes for an alternative.

Meet Gloria Silva, CEO & founder of Eco Beauty MedSpa, who is freeing us from painful hair waxing treatments with her innovation of holistic painless waxing. In this interview, she shares her journey and how becoming an entrepreneur changed her perspective. 

The Holistic Painless Waxing Innovation is officially Launching Globally in October 2021.

Launching the First International Eco Beauty MedSpa Branch in South Beach Miami Fl, on November 7, 2021.

With a special offer on launch day, Eco-Beauty MedSpa will offer a 15% discount to everybody.

Gloria is also working on opening a business school online to teach the master painless waxing method.

1.  Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field?

My name is Gloria Silva and I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. My father was a successful business entrepreneur for many years, back home in Lima, Peru and he was one of my first mentors. I moved to Toronto many years ago. In 2000, I graduated as a holistic therapist, and soon in 2001, I opened my first clinic. I have always had a passion for the holistic approach to health, wellness, and beauty.

I found a niche I was passionate about, and after 10 successful years doing aromatherapy treatments, I sold my clinic due to an unexpected carpal tunnel condition. I changed my career from being a holistic therapist to being back in school. I became a medical aesthetician. In 2017, I opened Eco Beauty MedSpa in Toronto. Soon I noticed that waxing hair removal is a very painful treatment, and I started to think about alternatives. My initial goal was to find a solution and eliminate the painful waxing methods. 

Looking back on my journey, I turned around a major health-related setback into a great business opportunity.

2. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Since I was young I have always had a creative zest and a drive to create something meaningful, not only to have financial freedom but to help many people and make their life more enjoyable and less painful. That’s the reason I have created a painless waxing method.

I believe everybody deserves to be treated better and in a gentler way. The waxing urges to offer a more compassionate approach.

3. What were the biggest initial hurdles to creating the painless waxing innovation? And how did you overcome them?

Opening a business is difficult. It requires many hours of hard work. After I finished working in the daytime, I continued studying the latest scientific updates about body hair, its treatment, importance, and removal methods. I gathered over 550 clinical case studies and results from my own & other cultures, and ethnicities to understand the different approaches to hair removal.

Before the pandemic, my father passed away, and dealing with emotional pain was difficult for me. He used to be my best friend, teacher, my best advisor, and it was very hard to lose a significant person. 

During the pandemic, Toronto was under lockdown for 18 months, many small business owners and beauty salons were affected. It was heartbreaking to see so many small businesses suffering and facing bankruptcy.

Despite all challenges, I remained faithful and active! I believe in my purpose. I never gave up!

While testing various methods, I noticed that the techniques and results were EVOLVING. The initial concept from painless waxing worked. It resulted in a significant amount of permanent hair reduction for many clients. It was a real success.

Last April 2021, Eco Beauty MedSpa was nominated for the Global Awards 2021 by Luxlife and Health Beauty & wellness magazine. And last July 2021, I won the Awards 2021.

4. What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur?

Overcome the darkest moments. It requires you to remain faithful and active! Dealing with doubts, fears, and uncertainty, it needs a huge amount of courage and mental strength to keep up. Always stick with your mission and dream. Believe in your unique purpose and keep in touch with your inner self, so the internal power engine keeps working faithfully. 

5. How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

The painless waxing method initially began as a passion project searching to find a better solution to eliminate the pain, to offer people the highest level of comfort and safety. Then it moved to a permanent hair reduction. Toronto’s community’s appreciation grows every day, and people are waiting due to the high demand for our high-quality services.  

This innovation intends to be available for everyone worldwide. It is designed to offer gentler and better waxing treatments to prevent people from suffering and painful waxing experiences.

We are working hard to expand our services by opening our First International branch to fulfill the high demands. 

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Get in touch with Eco Beauty MedSpa through @ecomedspa or contact the CEO & founder Gloria Silva directly via Eco Beauty MedSpa

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