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How can I fix Yahoo verification code not working?

How can I fix Yahoo verification code not working?

How can I fix Yahoo verification code not working?

Yahoo! Mail is a worldwide mail service owned by an American company named Yahoo! that is now a division of Verizon. Yahoo! Mail offers four different types of email plans – Basic, Plus, Ad free for personal use, and a business plan. Yahoo currently holds a user base of about 225 million users. Yahoo! mail is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Initially, Yahoo had different domains for different parts of the world, but it only allows the registration of accounts with presently. 

You can register an email account on Yahoo! Mail with just a few easy steps. Sometimes, the account registration can be a bit tricky. People have claimed that their Yahoo mail registration failed while registering an account on the same. Additionally, there have been problems with the Yahoo verification code not working. If you face the same issues and look for solutions, this blog will provide you all the solutions you need.


What is a verification code? – It is a code that Yahoo uses to verify the true owner of the Yahoo account. In simple words, when a user is resetting the password of their account, Yahoo sends a verification code to either the user’s phone number linked with the said account or the email address linked to the account. The user then inserts this exact code on the Yahoo verification code column to verify the ownership of the account. The verification code system was developed to secure the accounts from hackers. In rare cases, when a user is resetting the password and sends a code to his email or phone number, the user fails to receive it for some unknown reason. This may be frustrating. You can fix the Yahoo verification code not receiving problem by following the instructions given below, but first, you need to make sure of the following:

Make sure that the contact information is correct. Incorrect contact information will keep you from receiving the verification code. This may be the reason you are unable to receive the Yahoo verification code.

You must ensure that the entered number isn’t a landline number as landlines cannot receive text messages (SMS). If it is, change the Yahoo verification code phone number to a mobile phone number.

If you are trying to receive the Yahoo verification code on your email address, make sure the email address registered with your account is correct and working. At times, the emails won’t be received if the inbox is full already. Delete unimportant emails to make some space for new emails. After deletion, resend the verification code and see if it works.

Ensure that the alternate email account has not been deleted and check if this email address has received any emails in its spam folder. Since Yahoo mail automatically separates and categorizes emails on the significance.  

Make sure that the verification link on your email address is still valid. URL expires after a limited time period. If the link has expired, it will become inadequate. Keep an eye on the time limit and see if you are performing the Yahoo Mail verification procedure.  

You can fix this problem by ensuring the above mentions. If you are doing so and still not receiving it, you can wait for a while and try again. Yahoo and all other email services recommend waiting for up to five minutes after sending the code on your Yahoo verification code phone number or email address.  


As mentioned previously, there can be issues with Yahoo mail registration that may hamper user’s activity. However, you can find the solution to fix this problem with Yahoo in this blog. Given below are the solutions to fix Yahoo mail registration failed.

One reason for this problem can be the cache and cookies of your browser. Fix this by reviewing your browser’s configuration settings and clearing the cache and cookies of your browser. You can clear the cache by going to the browser settings you are using and finding the cache & cookies option.

Make sure you are using an updated browser and a browser that supports Yahoo Mail. Try switching the browser and see if that works with Yahoo account registration. If it indeed does, the problem is with your previous browser.

If you face a problem with the CAPTCHA CODE (cannot see it or understand it), know that you can also hear it. Click the volume button next to the CAPTCHA code to hear it. Or you can press the refresh symbol next to the CAPTCHA code to generate a new one.

If you face the “ID TOOK” error message when you log in to your account, you need to wait for a while and try again. This issue is usually temporary and fixes itself after some time.

While registering your Yahoo account, you may sometimes see the “ID already taken” error; this means that the username or ID is already taken by a different user, meaning that it is not available for you to take. Since Yahoo is broadly used worldwide – among 225 million users, it may be difficult to find a unique ID. If you face this particular error, switch your email ID with another name and retry until you find an available user ID.

You can use the above-written solutions to fix problems while registering a new Yahoo ID and resetting your Yahoo password. You can fix the Yahoo mail-related issues by following this blog. You can also find more information, problems, and solutions related to other email services like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, and Thunderbird on our other blogs.

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