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Google: All Core Web Vitals May Need to Be Met For Ranking Boost

Google: All Core Web Vitals May Need to Be Met For Ranking Boost

Google: All Core Web Vitals May Need to Be Met For Ranking Boost

Organic ranking is one of the most important concerns of digital marketers. With every release of Google’s algorithm updates, marketers try to anticipate some new announcements to adjust their marketing campaign. While talking about the upcoming updates, Google has mentioned some new ranking signals. You know that user experience is a potent factor to drive a higher rank. However, Core Web Vitals will be one of the major ranking signals to affect a website’s position.

Recently, Google has named three different metrics to measure user experience. Those metrics also help in identifying

●        Visual stability

●        Interactivity

●        Speed

Those metrics are together known as Core Web Vitals. However, the best digital marketing agency does not overlook the importance of website security and mobile-friendliness. You can try to learn more about digital marketing service providers and find how they assess your page experience.

How do you define Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vitals refers to a number of factors mentioned above to ensure the best user experience. Google is trying to score your experience with these factors.

You have to concentrate on 3 major things for the desired results-

Largest Contentful Paint

LCP indicates the time taken by a website to load its page from the user’s perspective. It is the time from hitting a link to displaying the web content on your screen. However, other page-speed metrics are different from LCP.  Other metrics about the users’ feelings after opening the webpage.

Thus, LCP is something about-

You may use Google PageSpeed Insights to measure the LCP for your page. But, how do you find the best LCP?

● Eliminate third-party scripts that are not relevant- The presence of third-party scripts can cause an adverse effect on your site’s LCP.

●  Remove complicated page elements- With PageSpeed Insights, you will identify the page elements that are declining the LCP.

● Choose lazy loading solution- It is one of the tricks to let your website users load only images while scrolling down pages. This step makes your LCP faster.

● Upgrade web host- With a better hosting package, you can make your load times faster.

First Input Delay-

It is another Core Web Vital, according to Google’s latest announcements.

Before dealing with this Core Web Vital, you have to focus on a question-

Do your website visitors interact with webpages?

FID helps in measuring this standard. It is about the time taken a user to interact with a page. Some common interactions are-

●        Clicking on an option or a link to navigate the site

●        Submitting the email while filling up a contact form.

FID is highly valuable, as it considers real-life interactions of users with websites.

Technically, FID calculates the time for a user to take any action. However, when your page is full of content and no options, FID is not much relevant. Page scrolling is the only interaction in this page. On the contrary, FID is highly important when it is a signup page and login page.

Tips to increase FID scores-

Rely on the browser cache- It helps in loading content on the page without any delay.

Keep away from third-party scripts- It is already discussed, and you have to avoid scripts, like heatmaps, to prevent negative FID results.

Reduce JavaScript- When a browser loads JavaScript, users cannot interact with webpages. That is why you have to minimize JS on the page.

How stable is your page from a visual perspective? It is the major focus of CLS. While loading the page, the integrated elements can move around. It can result in a higher CLS score indicating a bad outcome.

That is why you have to ensure stability to your webpage elements. Page users do not need to browse through the images and links after loading the page. They should have no chance of making mistakes.

How do you lower your CLS score?

●   Set the right size for your media files, like images, video, GIFs, and infographics. Let the browser identify the space consumed by every page element. There will be no effect on those elements while loading the page. 

● There must be some space reserved for ad elements. Or else you will not find a proper positioning of the content.

Lastly, it is to be said that these Core Web Vitals will encourage marketing professionals to rethink their SEO strategy. They will gain high importance in 2021 and become officially acceptable ranking signals. Moreover, Google has given webmasters 6 months to make modifications. Core Web Vitals will also relate to some other common user experience metrics. It may not be easy for you to deal with your website’s technicalities by following Core Web Vitals. Thus, you can hire the best technical SEO professionals for this purpose.

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