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Sujan Pariyar On Starting A Day As Top Performer

Sujan Pariyar

Sujan Pariyar

Waking up feeling good is important to have a great day. Often people try to recall their problems before going to sleep which causes individuals to have mix-up thoughts in the morning. To start a day as a top performer, people should focus on achievement and get a proper good night’s sleep. This will bring motivation and a feeling of happiness, which encourages people to take risks and become unbeatable. 

Every morning when I wake up, I play an inspiring song or listen to podcasts of successful people. During the same time, I practice CHI energy activation. It enhances my life energy flow and makes me super active. 

After 2-5 min of CHI practice, I ( Sujan Pariyar ) jump out of the bed and start doing stretching or little dance being myself. 

This small morning routine has helped me to harness happiness and abundance. 

There are many people who practice similar activities that support them toward the lifestyle they build. A morning routine can be different from person to person, but it’s essential to follow a practice that can be a habit. 

For top performers, meditation and self-consciousness are some of the characteristics that enhance their right-decision-making sense. 

Some of the people that I know who are one of the top performers in their field pay attention to their wellbeing more than hustling. It’s crucial to understand that being successful is not about grinding day and night. It’s more of having a physical, spiritual, and work-life balance. 

Top performers acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest accomplishment. Having such habits while starting a day pushes individuals to perform difficult tasks first at work and move to easy ones. Top performers are organized and they often don’t distract themselves till the work is completely done.

Nowadays people are regularly getting distracted by notifications. This is something top performers know how to handle. Successful people often do limited things and lead the organization or company. One of the mistakes that many new aspiring people make is trying to do all the work by themselves. This causes burnout to individuals and becomes a blockage towards success.

Top performers have experienced people to help them with the goal. Another fascinating thing that I have seen in successful individuals is that they are always looking to learn more.


Sujan Pariyar is the founder of Think 7 Figures magazine. He write articles and publish interviews of entrepreneurs and business owners to provide exposure and maximize the authority.

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