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The Rich Lifestyle – How Do We Picture It?

The Rich Lifestyle

The Rich Lifestyle

A collection of big fancy cars, a massive villa with a pool next to the sea, a boat, designer clothes, and expensive Champaign.

When a middle-class person thinks of rich people they imagine it as the perfect life where wealth and money do not play any role. Rich people relax all day long and can do whatever they like to do. Maybe hanging around in the whirlpool, drinking cocktails, and spending time with other rich people. Maybe they take a trip with their private yacht. They never have to cook themselves, they don´t have to wash dishes or clothes. Don´t have to keep the house tidy because they have staff that helps them with all the work.

How we picture a rich lifestyle: 

So basically, a rich lifestyle means to fully enjoy life, doing fun things, having time for hobbies, and not worrying about money at all. Being rich you can afford everything and never have to check your bank balance because you will have enough money to buy the new Rolex-watch or new car. 

They go out in the VIP clubs and have private parties, visiting places on earth a normal person can´t afford. They travel around and have the most luxurious life anybody can imagine with 5 Star Hotels and Private jets or Business Class flights.

Well, those might be the pictures we imagine because social media and the news show us those aspects of the top 1% of society. As an average person, we don’t know how it looks like. 

The Rich Lifestyle

How does a rich lifestyle really look like?

80% of millionaires are first-generation millionaires. Many people believe that most of the rich people were born in wealthy families, but this is just a minority. The majority made their income themselves.

We might think that rich people don´t work at all. In our imagination, they can always enjoy life without doing hard work. As said before this is not the case for the majority, because they make the money from their own business. They probably spend countless nights working hard to make their business succeed. What might be different to a middle-class person is that they are mostly the CEOs of a company so, they can schedule their own timetable and manage their work and free time differently.

Of course, a rich lifestyle means being able to travel whenever and wherever desired. Wealthy people might plan their trips just some hours before departure because there is no need to save money on early bird flights. They pack light because they can buy whatever they need anyway. They travel without looking at the price, this is why they go on extraordinary adventures and luxurious trips.

As an average person, we always stress and worry about our necessities, like having enough money for the next bill or if we can afford to buy new clothes. We are very worried that any emergency might ruin us financially. Rich people might not have this kind of trouble but they have many other reasons to stress out. Their stress is not about the basic needs. It might be about the percentage of the financial growth.

Being rich might give you all the freedom that you can buy with money. So, you can travel whenever and wherever you want, you can live life how you like it and follow your dreams without thinking and worrying about your next paycheck. 

Rich people have a lot more opportunities, financial freedom, and wealth, but in the end, they are humans like everybody else and they have jobs and troubles like every other person as well. 

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