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8 Tips To Make Extra Money Online

8 Tips to make money from home, Silicon Valley, silicon Valley Time

We all dream of a life where we don’t have to think about money anymore. We wish to just go to a restaurant and eat whatever we like without thinking if it is over our budget. We would love to buy the gift for our loved ones without looking at the price over and over again.

Sometimes we want to open a letter without being scared of having another request to pay a bill. At the same time, it feels difficult to ask for a raise in salary. It seems like a dilemma. How to pay off the debts, how to save for retirement, and how to make it through the daily expenses?

The internet connects the whole world and gives us countless opportunities to learn, entertain and make money. Nowadays many people are working online and being financially independent. This means that they don’t have to worry about debts and loans, about retirement and payments. 

Even you work on a regular job, a side hustle can help you to earn extra money to pay back your student loan or save for an emergency fund. Working online allows you to work whenever and wherever you want. You can create your total personal timetable and adapt it to your circumstances.

There are various ways how you can start a side hustle. Check it out:

Start a blog 

Starting a blog is a very common way how people make money online nowadays. You can create content about any subject you love. People are writing about cooking, about food, about health and also in totally different sectors like sports, travel, handicrafts, or social subjects. Whatever knowledge you have, you can share it with people and make money by running a blog. 

Be a tutor

Being a tutor online is a great idea. Because of the pandemic, people use online tools more and more to gain knowledge. If you know a language fluently, you can teach it online on various platforms and share your knowledge and connect with people. You can teach people instruments, handicraft skills or any other kind of demanded subject. Numerous platforms offer courses about countless subjects. It´s your chance to be one of the tutors and make money from it.

Be social media manager

As social media is becoming very important and powerful nowadays, companies need to show presence on media like Facebook, Instagram, and others. Many potential customers are waiting to see about companies, products, and services on their social media. Social media has a wide range and companies can advertise their business in simple ways online. This means that they need someone who takes care of their social media. That can be you! You create content, advertise the business, contact potential customers and build an amazing platform.

Be an affiliate

Affiliate programs are a great chance to earn some money when you have a website. It basically means that a company that sells a product or service gives you a commission when they made a sale through you. So, you put the link on your website and interested page viewers will be linked to the company’s sale.


Freelancing is another great money-earning side hustle. Freelancers offer their service in return for money. This can be writing content for other websites, promoting products, or other things. One of the most popular platforms where freelancers can offer their work is Fiverr. Many people look for jobs to be done on Fiverr. 

Be a virtual assistant

The digitalization and pandemic lead to very high usage of the internet. The virtual world connects the whole work and work can be done from everywhere. But what to do when there is a problem? We need experts who help us with all kinds of challenges. A virtual assistant is an expert in a certain area and can support companies and entrepreneurs when they have trouble. Being a virtual assistant can bring you very good extra money.

Sell online

The e-commerce sector is booming. All kinds of products, from clothes, food, handicrafts or any other things can be ordered easily with some clicks. During lockdowns in the pandemic, this became a very good way to buy all types of products without leaving the house and risking people’s lives. If you have a niche with demanded products you should get started. Sell it online, you can earn some extra money while working from home.

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