Why are lawyers so important for our society and what powers do they have?

Why are lawyers so important for our society and what powers do they have?

The political system is basically forming the fundamental structure of a country and its society. Some countries are ruled by a king or an individual. All the power comes from one person. There are some countries that focus their political system on the collective, like communism or socialism. 

What role does democracy play?

Maybe the most common system is the democratic structure. Many countries implement democracy as their political and social system. The idea is that the power comes from the citizens. They have the power to vote for individuals who represent their interests. Democracy separates the powers legislative, executive, and judiciary as a basic principle to prevent the abuse of power. The three sections monitor each other so, all processes are supervised and in the best interest of all.

Democracy is the fundament of the existence and the work of a lawyer. The lawyers are working, based on the democratic system and in the interest of an individual or an entity.

The work of a lawyer

Lawyers are advocates and advisors for our society. They practice law as an advocate, counselor, legal executive, or public servant by preparing, interpreting, and applying the law. 

The work goes from the practical application of abstract legal theories to specific individual problems of a citizen. So, when you broke a law (in the view of the state) you can hire a lawyer to help you with the case. The lawyer has access to all the legal regulations and can prove the case or start an argument in your interest. 

The lawyer represents an individual or corporation in a civil trial and promotes justice in criminal trials. Attorneys work as advisors to their clients, inform them about their rights and navigate them through the legal system.

The importance of lawyers

The law in every country is a norm and acts as guidance for acceptable behavior. Sometimes the law is very complicated and complex and can´t be understood by a normal person. We need the law to ensure equality and parity in society. According to Mike G Law “Lawyers are the one who helps the citizens to understand the law and know their rights and if needed fight a case against another party”. 

The lawyer is an advisor for your personal legal issue. An individual does not have much power over the state. But having a professional with you who knows all the laws gives you the power and helps you to enforce your rights.

The power of lawyers

Lawyers have one very strong power and this is their knowledge. Their knowledge about the law is like a weapon that can be used against the state. They work in the name of the citizens. They have the power to stand for the rights of a human. They stand before the Court of Law to defend and save a person or group. The client should be protected from the injustice of the state. A lawyer is a mediator between a person and the state as an authority. With communication and knowledge, the attorney can mediate between the two entities and helps to find a legal solution.