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Exclusive interview with Thomas J. Kent Jr, FOUNDER AND C.E.O of Kent Global LLC & The Kent Family Office

Exclusive interview with Thomas J. Kent Jr, FOUNDER AND C.E.O of Kent Global LLC & The Kent Family Office

Exclusive interview with Thomas J. Kent Jr, FOUNDER AND C.E.O of Kent Global LLC & The Kent Family Office

1. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

The leap was not too against the grain for someone like myself. There’s always been an element of inspiration for me coming across someone like Vernon Jordan or Robert Smith. The beatitudes do not always have to signify grace through hardship, sometimes it is in lightening anothers burden. Through all the lessons taught by my mentors and well wishers, it has been a pleasure in lighting the way for others in the arena of business. Entrepreneurship is always a welcome subject to those that want to better themselves. The younger generation always seems to resonate with the idea that simple strategies yield the greatest results in the financial arena.

2. What were the biggest initial hurdles and how did you overcome them?

Some of the greatest tribulations have been private ones, where the battles are against one’s own lethargy and ennui. Some people have this dangerous notion that the greatest struggles are prior to achieving success, where in fact, it is after the success that is sought after is attained. What then? It becomes both a rhetorical and existential question and one that is not easily persuaded with kind and soft answers. Sometimes the bitter truth deserves to be laid bare and not everyone has that kind of courage to face themselves in the mirror and come out stronger for it. From my own life experiences, it is one of the most difficult achievements in life to attain.

3. What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

There is really only one true tip that counts. That is – there are no tips. Everything in life is hard fought and conquered. It is a battle even to gain a nugget of wisdom. As we all know from history, the greatest is a person that can look into the abyss and fathom what is truly meant for them is. This person, in fact, is the greatest of all. Because they have conquered self – something most people would gladly and willingly shy away from. There are plenty of people offering tips and shortcuts – mostly foolish ones take their advice. Sadly most offering tips are hiding an agenda – and usually not a favorable or altruistic one. Rarely do you come across a person that helps with nothing but the true intention to offer help – seeking nothing in return.

4. How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you?

 Rumi once said that his nose twitches at the mere mention of success. Because it is a changeable notion when going person to person. For some it is the seeking of an ideal life through spirituality for others an egalitarian lifestyle. You do not need to be called into Professor Dumbledore’s office to know if your intention was right or wrong. Some relevant acts are right even when the majority thinks them wrong. The masses are not always correct. We seek a higher authority sometimes and each person has their right to express themselves as to what makes them feel alive and accomplished. For me to wipe away hunger from the minds of young kids and adults is all the success I need. Charity is how I measure success. The more benevolent a person is, the more successful they are.

5. We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue?

Multiple income streams are par for the course now. It may be better to seek a single stream first before actively trying to string together several. We all know in musical chairs you cannot sit on two chairs at once – either you’ll be disqualified or you’ll simply fall between the two. Seek one stream, secure it, then branch out one by one. Even Mr. Miyagi went after one fly at a time with his chopsticks. Beginner mistake is always the same – chase too many and end up with none. Focus on a single outcome – win it at all cost – then proceed to the next.

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