Exclusive interview with Noah Swiderski, Entrepreneur and Founder of Briton Media

Can you tell us about your journey and what led you to start Briton Media?

A few years ago when I graduated college, I was always consuming podcasts specifically with my favorite comedians and sports podcasts, and I always wanted to build a brand that I could help people with since I’m a servant leader. I developed the idea to help the podcast and community launch podcasts, manage them, and make them successful. We accomplished this through editing, marketing, custom music, custom artwork, and marketing to the ideal listener for the content. This eventually led to me being able to help business owners realize the potential of using podcasting as a marketing tool and help them expand their brand awareness, attract more clients, and position them as an industry professional in their space.

Briton Media has worked with the History Channel. What was it like producing music for such a renowned channel, and can you share any memorable experiences?

I that I would be producing music for such a well-known and viewed television channel. I’m a big fan of a lot of their shows and I remember how long it took to make my first beat on my computer back at my parents house many summers ago. Sometimes it’s surreal to think that this journey has led me here and I can’t wait to see where it will go. To be honest, it’s still sinking in and it’s driving me to go even further!

Your ambition has driven the success of your company. What sparked that ambition, and how do you maintain it?

A lot of my drive and ambition comes from who I am as a person. I love to push my own limits and to constantly get better even if it’s 1% every day. Enjoying the process and hard work has made me dedicated to my craft and helping others in the podcast community. I firmly believe things don’t happen to you. They happen for you. Breakdowns create breakthroughs. And what’s meant to happen will happen for you. I wake up every single day. Excited and love what I do because I know we are on the road to something special.

Why did you choose to specialize in helping business owners launch their own podcasts?

At the start it was just to help the average everyday podcaster, but being a business owner myself, I saw how much potential every business could use a podcast to attract more clients and to increase brand awareness. I know myself I listen to tons of different podcasts and I’ve thought about certain brands because their top of mind through an episode I was listening to. Once I realized the potential and saw the growth, I had to go after the opportunity and help business owners grow their brands. I’m happy that we started with just podcasters because now I have experience and a ground level understanding of the challenges they go through and growing their shows and now I can apply it to business owners when we launch and manage theirs.

What unique value does Briton Media bring to the podcasting industry?

What separates our company from others in the space is that we are relationship driven, we care about our clients success and are devoted to always finding new ways to grow their show. Whether that’s an app, trend, or new framework to record a podcast we want to make sure we are the first to implement and educate our clients on these strategies. We are also skilled at marketing podcast to the ideal listener so that the retention of listenership gross consistently and for a long time.

What qualities or skills do you believe are crucial for a successful podcast host or producer?

I think a lot of times being able to communicate your ideas, jokes, or information about a topic is 80% of it. And the other 20% is having good sound quality. When you listen to someone, you want to hear that they’re passionate about what they’re talking about or entertaining to keep you listening. The podcasts that I find most successful have a great chemistry between hosts and they are telling me about something I never knew about or they are extremely entertaining.

What motivated you to pursue a career in podcasting, specifically in the realm of launching podcasts for others?

I love the podcasting space and have always been a fan so I definitely wanted to help people that are already involved in it and business owners who haven’t yet seen the potential in it. It’s always fun meeting new business owners and introducing them to the universe of podcasting and how we can help take their brand story to the next level and skyrocket their clientele. My goal is to not only empower their business initiatives, but to empower them as business owners.

As the podcasting landscape evolves, how do you stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies?

I like to think of myself as a podcast enthusiast so I love to keep a pulse on how new podcasters are succeeding, what software they’re using, what equipment they’re using, and how they are attracting a crowd. I follow tons of podcasters, sponsors, and equipment companies where I get to see and stay ground level with my clients. This gives us an advantage where we can inform our team and clients immediately so they can position themselves for success.

How has your background in music production influenced your approach to podcast production?

Producing music back in high school really gave me an understanding of how to use my creativity for something people could also relate to and use. I think naturally my curiosity and obsession to be great at something started to develop and grow into editing, and marketing, and relationship building. Having all of these skills I developed was critical in my development as a business owner and leader in my field. Especially with the history channel project, my music production skills were showcased and I couldn’t be happier about the result when the show debuts in a week.

What advice would you give to aspiring podcasters looking to make an impact in their niche?

I would say just be yourself and make sure it doesn’t feel like it’s a job and you’re just doing it because you want to. I was just talking to my dad about this. The best music, sports moments, art art happens when people are just having fun with it and it isn’t forced. I would say if you our passionate about talking about something and you want to find others that are also passionate. Then podcasting is in area I would absolutely pursue. I would also say remain consistent because like anything else it requires a lot of work if you want to be successful at it.

In five years, where do you envision Briton Media and your role within the podcasting industry?

I want to be the forefront of podcasting. When people think about launching a podcast for their business. I want them to think of us. They will think of us. We are professionally trained to conceptualize a podcast for any business in the world, launch it, find your ideal listener/client, and maximize your success in getting people to know your name! Our team is only getting bigger but the vision stays the same. 

What are some of the most rewarding moments or success stories you’ve experienced while helping others launch their podcasts?

The most rewarding experience came when we launched a podcast for this real estate investment group. I got a email from the founder saying that they got a call early in the morning from an investor who wants to partner with the group because they heard an episode from early in the morning that night. It shows that with consistency, a great product, and marketing to the right crowd will open up doors while you sleep. 

What’s the driving force behind your passion for podcasting and helping others succeed in this space?

“Who’s gonna stop me now?”.