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Exclusive interview with Lian Pham, co-founder of UGCverse

Exclusive interview with Lian Pham, co-founder of UGCverse

Exclusive interview with Lian Pham, co-founder of UGCverse

In the dynamic arena of digital interaction, UGCverse is co-founded by Lian Pham, a leader among gaming and Generation Alpha innovators. This platform is crafted to create authentic connections between brands and digitally native consumers. Our conversation with Pham sheds light on UGCverse’s forward-thinking strategy to unify digital and physical realms, emphasizing her pivotal role and the collective vision shared with her partner in revolutionizing brand engagement for the next generation, albeit with a focus on her insights for this discussion.

1. What prompted the focus on Generation Alpha for UGCverse’s strategy?

 Lian Pham: My experience as a parent to Generation Alphas illuminated their unique digital-first lifestyle, driving UGCverse to focus on this “invisible generation.” By 2025, with nearly 2 billion Alphas, their digital native status and the ineffectiveness of traditional marketing strategies on them underscored the need for UGCverse. They live online yet seek real-world connections, a duality UGCverse aims to address by blending digital engagement with physical world rewards.

2. How does UGCverse plan to engage this digital-first generation?

 Lian Pham: UGCverse intends to captivate Generation Alpha by merging their online existence with tangible rewards, catering to their innate digital fluency and desire for real-world interactions. This approach not only aims to bridge their online and offline worlds but also prepares for their growing need for physical escapism, a trend we anticipate will gain even greater importance in the coming years.

3. Can you explain the concept behind digital collectibles with real-world rewards?

 Lian Pham: Our platform leverages the concept of digital collectibles as a means to engage users. By tying these digital items to real-world rewards, we provide a tangible incentive for participation, enhancing the value of digital interactions.

4. What makes UGCverse different from traditional Web2 and Web3 platforms?

 Lian Pham: Unlike Web2 platforms that focus solely on consumer attention and Web3 platforms that emphasize engagement, UGCverse integrates both to create a comprehensive engagement model. This approach fosters long-term loyalty by rewarding interactions in a meaningful way.

5. How does UGCverse simplify the integration for brands?

 Lian Pham: UGCverse offers a plug-and-play solution that simplifies brand integration, allowing them to easily tap into the existing fan bases of UGC creators. Brands can sponsor digital collectibles and enhance their appeal by attaching real-world rewards, streamlining their entry into gaming communities and leveraging UGC for effective promotion.

6. What’s the importance of real-world relevance in your platform?

 Lian Pham: Incorporating real-world relevance into our platform offers brands a tangible method to drive traffic and see direct results on their bottom line. For Generation Alpha, it provides a means to transition back to the real world, creating a balance between digital engagement and physical experiences. This approach not only boosts brand visibility but also satisfies the younger generation’s need for a break from the digital realm.

7. How does UGCverse address the challenge of disappearing digital engagement?

 Lian Pham: By creating a platform where digital actions lead to tangible rewards, we counteract the transient nature of digital engagement. This encourages sustained participation and loyalty.

8. What role do UGC creators play in UGCverse?

Lian Pham: UGC creators are the new-age influencers in our ecosystem, tapping into their expansive fan bases. They generate content that fuels engagement, serving as a pivotal link between brands and the community on our platform.

9. How does UGCverse plan to keep up with the evolving digital landscape?

 Lian Pham: UGCverse’s strategy is rooted in the principle of “for gamers, by gamers,” recognizing that creators intimately understand user desires. This philosophy ensures our platform evolves in harmony with the digital landscape, led by those who are most engaged and knowledgeable about the gaming community’s preferences.

10. What outcome do you anticipate for brands engaging with UGCverse?

 Lian Pham: We expect brands to achieve deeper engagement with their target audiences, leading to meaningful loyalty. By leveraging our platform, brands can connect with a generation that values digital interaction and rewards, setting the foundation for long-term relationships.

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