Women Win Network Announces Chief Brand Strategist “The Fairy Brandmother” to the Global Team!

Women Win Network Announces Chief Brand Strategist “The Fairy Brandmother” to the Global Team!

This Black History Month: Dr. Nakita Davis is sprinkling Black Girl Magic throughout her growing Empire with the announcement of her latest branding partnership!

Added to the Jesus Coffee and Prayer family and all corresponding Global brands; the Queen of Publishing & PR introduces her Chief Brand Strategist ~ Sabryia Reese to the world.

Known as ‘The Fairy Brandmother,’ Sabryia is the CEO and founder of Our Image Matters LLC.

No stranger to hard work, resilience, and understanding the assignment; Sabryia prides herself on

creating a flawless experience for all who connect with her growing branding agency. Executing with precision for her clients’; ‘The Fairy Brandmother’ offers an array of professional services that include show-stopping graphics, professional logos, custom website designs, landing pages, and digital how-to products and courses for clients who want the brand but can’t quite afford the budget.

The 2 Georgia Peaches represent the ATL well and sparkle with the flare known and accustomed to the Black Mecca for thriving African American entrepreneurs.

What does this mean for Jesus Coffee and Prayer, the Women Win Network, and the Hills 90210 brands owned and operated by Davis?

Simple: Elevation, Bigger, Better, and Stronger brand representation for both PR and business branding cohesion for her All-Star Client list.

Sources say that both Dr. Nakita Davis and Sabryia Reese give Glory to God and His Divine alignment and connection via a mutual Queen acquaintance.

Celebrity Coach, Philosopher, 4x best-selling author, Empowerment Guru, and Women of Influence Honoree, known on IG as the @originalstreetdoctor #TheStreetDoctor connected the two Atlanta entrepreneurs, and the rest is now history.

Why partner with Dr. Nakita Davis and the Women Win Network?

Sabryia is quoted saying, “I truly believe that GOD answers our prayers when we release them; they just don’t always look the way we think.

Once I let go of how I thought GOD should elevate me and stopped making myself small, 

I met Dr. Nakita and her vision for Women Win Network resonated with my spirit in such a way

that I knew this was the answered prayer I was waiting for and a door to the next season in my life. Like she says, No More Breadcrumbs, Sis! We are Buying the Bakery!”

Women Win Network Chief Brand Strategist

More on Sabryia Reese “The Fairy Brandmother.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn,NY this 80’s baby is the true meaning of a rose that grew from concrete. Being the oldest of 4 girls to a single mother, Sabryia took refuge in music, writing and reading to cope with childhood abuse. Throughout the years, she constantly evolved and became whatever she needed to be out of survival; ranging from teaching herself how to produce music, to becoming a gang member well into her teenage years. Suffering silently trying to find who she really was, Sabryia had no idea this innate ability to evolve would one day be the reason she is able to brand businesses today.

In the winter of 2016, Sabryia hit a new rock bottom and faced homelessness with a 1yr old daughter. It was then when she realized living life according to what other people felt she should, couldn’t continue. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Sabryia realized the program had no resources that would be useful to her. So, she turned to the only source proven to bring real change in her life and she prayed! In the first 3 months, GOD gave her the vision for Our Image Matters LLC and became the change she desperately needed. After battling the shelter placement process in NYC, in under 7 months, Sabryia traveled back and forth to New Jersey to obtain her certificate in business, taught herself Web & Graphic design, landed a part time job working at Derek Jeter’s Foundation and eventually moved out of the shelter on her own. Now in 2022, after being in business for almost 5 years and taking a huge leap of faith driving down to ATL, she is really walking in her true calling as what people like to call her “The Fairy Brandmother.” Sabryia now brings vision to life by providing top tier branding, elite graphics and effective marketing to businesses around the world. If it’s one thing the pandemic has taught her, it is that life is too short to play small. Standing 5’2” tall, Sabryia finally knows who she is and is no longer taking “no” for an answer.

Follow on IG @ _the_fairy_brandmother

Photographer: Jo jo Stylez photography (atlanta GA)

Graphics: Our Image Matters LLC. 

Jesus Coffee and Prayer/ Women Win Network/ the Hills 90210 PR & Marketing Agency CEO

More on Dr. Nakita Davis “The Atlanta Book Hitmaker

Powerhouse Speaker, Award-Winning Publisher, 13x Best-Selling Author, Global Influencer, PR Guru & Official For(bes) the Culture Member- an Elite Forbes platform.

With 3 Primetime locations: Atlanta, Miami, and Beverly Hills 90210; Dr. Nakita Davis is the Heartbeat and CEO of Jesus Coffee and Prayer Christian Publishing House LLC. – the #1 Christian Publishing House in the Land and the Women Win Network– a Global TV Network and Magazine.

Known for her creative Genius, unparallel Industry connections, business savvy, and ability to deliver the goods; Dr. Davis and her Queen Clients have been featured on thousands of Nationally & Internationally Syndicated media outlets including super juggernauts ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Los Angles Tribune, iHeart Radio, USA Today affiliates, BET, People Magazine, Sheen Magazine, the Stellar Awards and Both the Grammy & Superbowl Billboards to name just a few.

Jesus Coffee and Prayer Clients books are sold worldwide with fine retailers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, & More!

Dr. Nakita Davis resides with her two beautiful children and her loving husband in Atlanta, GA.

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