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Vivek Dubey- Innovator & Leader In Fintech Creating Social Impact

Vivek Dubey- Innovator & Leader In Fintech Creating Social Impact

Vivek Dubey- Innovator & Leader In Fintech Creating Social Impact

Our world is getting technologically advanced every single day. For many people, it is difficult to understand new innovations and they often have been found working hard using traditional methods. Transformation is happening in the life of people who have high connections and networks. But for normal individuals getting information and understanding is difficult. Our world can have numerous revolutionizing businesses or products if all the people can have access to Fintech books.

Meet Vivek Dubey, one of the pioneers in the Fintech industry, author, speaker, and thought leader. His book “ The Journey of Regtech” has received phenomenal success and made it to the Top 100 Fintech books of all time by Book Authority.

Vivek understands the importance of having detailed information and the impact that books have on human lives. To make the valuable information available to everyone around the world, he put his expertise and experience on The Journey of RegTech. The book covers topics on Fintech, RegTech, Artificial Intelligence, Data Protection, Disruption of the Blockchain, Application of Fintech, and many more. His book is also recommended in Post Graduate Program MBA- FinTech, Pune University, India.

Vivek got the Distinguished Achievement Award by South Asia Management Association in 2021 for his work in the field of Fintech Innovations.

Vivek believes in innovation and is committed to aware people of its importance and advantages. Because of his significant content and professional advice to bring positive changes, more than 10K global entrepreneurs, innovators, and business people follow him on LinkedIn.

He also has 4 patent grants and the recent two are for a Social Cause – “Detecting and Controlling the spread of pandemics through new age technology stack – Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Extended Reality, and Holographic technology.

Vivek is very active in conceptualizing Fintech products and Innovation with a social cause. Our team recently had an interview scheduled with him to get advice and tips for our audience. Here he answers some of our most asked questions by the daily readers.

How do you think the young entrepreneurs reading this interview can benefit from Innovation and Fintech?

Vivek Dubey: Becoming an entrepreneur means taking challenges every day and trying to provide better service. Upgrading is important to stay relevant to the world’s demands. That is why Innovation is one of the most influential factors that have to be put into a strategy for growth.

Right now there are hardly any people who don’t use the internet. If you are starting a company, the first thing to do is to be visible online. This makes Fintech crucial because people are now used to ordering things through websites and making payments online. Not having these systems lowers the trust of the customers and they might not make any purchases.

Fintech has the power to speed up your business income and provide safe financial activities. With different transaction methods available that are effective and widely practiced, Fintech has a bright future. Entrepreneurs who ignore Innovation & Fintech can become one of the reasons for business failure. The earlier they implement the better will be the company foundation.

Can you please tell our audience how artificial intelligence can transform businesses?

Vivek Dubey: In our daily life we use numerous artificial intelligence products/services without realizing it. The benefit of AI is tremendous and has transformed various industries. For many people, AI might feel like a new thing but it has been there since 1956. For those business owners who are hearing about artificial intelligence for the first time: it is software that performs human-like activities such as learning, planning, and providing solutions but at a more effective rate.

As I mentioned before, innovation is a core aspect of a revolutionary product and successful business. AI can help transform those ideas to reality at high speed by Machine or Deep learning (according to the requirement).

With the right use of artificial intelligence a bankrupt business can change the scenario and become one of the top in the industry. Many people fail to build a successful company because of not having the right tool that can help them to make proper decisions. AI analyzes the data, learns from the mistakes, and helps to solve problems.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of business and humankind. The more we practice and implement, the easier it will be for us to achieve supposedly impossible things.

What success tips would you like to share with readers?

Vivek Dubey: Nowadays I have seen many people comparing success with money and going through depression. When you have a clear vision of what you want the final result to be, success can be achieved smoothly. Many people say they hustle and grind to become successful in life. And often they seem to be stressed because they try to do everything by themselves without rest.

Successful people always have a long-term vision. They hire people, share the vision and get help from them. Many startups try to save funds by hiring newbies to handle a particular department. And often they lose the deal by not having an experienced professional to handle it. To be successful in business and build a groundbreaking company it is important to hire experts and have a mentor who can guide you along the way.

There are always things like passion, dedication, and commitment required to become successful in anything we do. But if you are truly looking for a successful life, you need to do something that you love and work selflessly. Creating social impact is one of the best ways to get unexplainable satisfaction in life and inspire others.

One last question, how did you get the Idea of the Patent – Detecting and Controlling the Pandemics through the new-age technology stack? It is a genuine Social Cause and reflects your vision

Vivek Dubey: It is not only about the technology or domain you work in and show your expertise. It is the radius of our learning that increases every day by reading, watching, and observing problems around the world. So, in March 2020 when a major lockdown happened around the world and many casualties occurred, hospitals and doctors were facing serious challenges. I started thinking of the idea of maintaining social distancing and helping in detecting symptoms through image processing, correct measures, and weightage to understand the frequency of spread. Thus, designed it with a new age technology stack – Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented and Extended Reality.

This is just a beginning. I have a vision for putting sincere efforts to make this world a better place through Innovation and Technology

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